07/17/19 01:48 PM
O2 sensor harness repair - how to handle braided shielding...

Today I find myself wanting to repair/replace the O2 sensor connector on the harness side as the wire insulation is brittle and broken near the connector leaving exposed copper.

I do have a good condition donor 1G dsm harness that I can pull an O2 sensor pigtail from.

My question though - if I do this and start splicing wires together, how do I handle the two wires (grouped together inside a brown sleeve) that are wrapped in braided shielding? Splicing wires is not an issue for me, but I don't know how I should properly handle the braided shielding.

Any tips, suggestions, or a better way to make this repair would be much appreciated. Thanks!

(Turn Right Racing)
07/17/19 02:40 PM
Re: O2 sensor harness repair - how to handle braided shielding...

Salvage what you can of the shielding and keep it there, but I don't believe missing a portion of it will be too detrimental.

I'm not certain modern cars use the shielding anymore. Perhaps it was a precaution not 100% necessary but believed so at the time?

I did a similar repair in the way I mentioned. I don't recall any negative effects.

07/17/19 09:48 PM
Re: O2 sensor harness repair - how to handle braided shielding...

If you do try to repair it, make sure you follow the wiring diagram in terms of how the shield is grounded. The shield needs to be grounded to work properly. If I remember right, the shield is tied to 1 of the 2 wire inside, near the ECU. But its been a while since I looked.

There are some places that sell cable with a braided shield. I've never used it personally though, I so I can't speak to the quality.


07/18/19 01:20 PM
Re: O2 sensor harness repair - how to handle braided shielding...

Thanks for the tips.

I ended up de-pinning the o2 connector on the harness side and making repairs near the connector rather than hacking up my harness further down.

I really didn't feel comfortable messing with or hacking the shielding, whether it's all that critical or not.

Later on down the road, perhaps I pull the entire (now) 28 year old harness and freshen it up with an all new shielded run from ECU to engine bay for the o2 signal, same for anything else that needs it, crimping on new pins and using new connectors. That's the dream anyway day.

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