02/19/19 12:06 PM
JDM Projector Fog Light Wiring.

Hey all,
I recently acquired front and rear JDM bumpers with the facelift projector fog lights. I am wondering if anyone has any recommendations on wiring of the fogs. I have searched and information is very scarce. I have only found one post regarding splicing so that the inner fog serves as a blinker. If I have too I can go that route, but I don't necessarily want to hack the harness to do so. So I'm hoping some members can provide information on how they successfully wired their JDM projector fogs. Thank you in advance.

(Heal and Toe)
02/21/19 06:52 AM
Re: JDM Projector Fog Light Wiring.

search in the how to/archive section for posts by misterfixit.
there's a thread over there with a lot of replies.

(fighting them with a large needle)
02/21/19 07:18 AM
Re: JDM Projector Fog Light Wiring.

I would recommend just adding a 3rd wire to the corner markers and switching to a dual element bulb. Looks correct this way and works great.

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