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04/30/18 05:55 AM
Upgrading turbo opinions

So going from a stock turbo to a pte3431 57mm trim would that be worth it for $200?
or should I save up and wait for a bigger turbo? And how much power do you think that would yield me?
Sorry Iím new to the Mitsubishi line up and turbos

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04/30/18 07:20 AM
Re: Upgrading turbo opinions

A turbo can only produce it's rated power if you have the motor setup correctly to allow it first. When the below isn't accomplished, you break things. That is usually the start of many part-outs and sales.

1. All maintenance performed.
2. Any supporting mods for the turbo:
a. Larger injectors
b. Upgraded fuel system (pump, AFPR, lines?)
c. tuning capability (ECMLink, AEM, HalTech)
d. better flowing exhaust
e. upgraded intake (FMIC, hard pipes, SD)

You can google the rated power of the turbo, but everything above needs to be accomplished in order to achieve that power.

There is a ton of info on this board (look at some of the quality build threads on here. GSTwithPSI has a couple, "the_underdog"/Turbo Tom has a great thread plus he has Turbo Toms Garage on YouTube where goes through upgrades to both DSM's and his Galant.

All this being said, Yes, the turbo is an upgrade to your stock turbo, but it can't just be thrown on.

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04/30/18 07:47 PM
Re: Upgrading turbo opinions

Very much appreciate the info and no Iím not looking to throw stuff at it without doing everything else.
I have the exhaust, pump, injectors, FMIC, and maintence work done.
Iím just in need of a better intake and a time. But Iím just curious what the expected hp gains would be with this turbo. I will google more though

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05/04/18 02:03 PM
Re: Upgrading turbo opinions

If your injectors are upgraded, what are you using for tuning? do you have a wideband?

Personally the turbo is very old, and PTE doesn't even have specs on it anymore That said for $200 it may not be terrible, but it's not going to make big power, or have low lag. From what I can see it's basically a ~2005 era setup and frankly... I'd pass. You'll have more fun with an Evo3 b16g, or an HTA68, even though the latter will definitely cost more.

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