04/26/18 12:41 PM
Engine Info Q/A

I was thinking, Has anyone swapped a old DSM engine to a newer 4G63 from the newer evos?? I would really like to see the output of this.

(New Title)
04/26/18 01:26 PM
Re: Engine Info Q/A

One search result... Basically, it requires an insane amount of fabrication, so very few attempt it when we have a platform that can handle similar power and performance.

I just searched "+evo +swap -re:" without the quotes, there is a lot of info in the boards, just gotta search.

04/26/18 02:38 PM
Re: Engine Info Q/A

Awesome Moose thanks man.

(Junior Member)
04/26/18 04:05 PM
Re: Engine Info Q/A

More work than its worth. The motor/tranny set on opposite sides. Easier and cheaper to build the motor thats already in it.

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