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11/06/17 09:21 AM
Fuel supply line to filter messed up

The fitting going to the stock filter has a few issues. The fitting going into the bottom of the filter was rusted really tight and took vice grips to remove so the fittings head is not in great shape. Just when I thought I would get away with reusing it, I tightened it up and noticed a leak from the line at the bottom of the engine bay. I did not know that a hard line was likely to leak and I know that leaks can be elusive, but no matter what the line has to go. It is also kinked slightly where it enters the fuel filter.

I am pretty lazy (also very short on time) and want to know what my options are as far as replacing that line. I'd prefer to still use the stock filter if possible but open to suggestions Not sure if it makes sense to upgrade all of the lines at once or if I can do it incrementally as time allows.


(Turn Right Racing)
11/06/17 11:23 AM
Re: Fuel supply line to filter messed up

Short term fix suggestion would be to use a compression fitting and attach a good section of hard line with a new/good used fitting from it to the filter. I think it is a 14 x 1.5 flare fitting. (Same as the rear steer lines on the car). I might have a spare flare fitting of that size hanging around.

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11/06/17 07:16 PM
Re: Fuel supply line to filter messed up

Good idea. Going to roll with that. Thanks.

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