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04/15/17 04:23 PM
Hard starting issue after reconnecting fuel tank control valve

I was getting a decent gas smell from the driver rear for a while, but never saw wetness from gas and figured it was vapor issue since the tank still was pressurized. Finally decided to open up the fuel pump inspection cover to find out that the fuel tank pressure control valve is disconnected between the hard line and the valve. The hose clamp wasn't even in the right place so it must have wiggled free. I tested the valve and it is still working correctly. The arrow is pointed towards the engine and not the tank. Once reconnected, the car had troubles idling for a minute, but now is fine. What I am now having an issue with is that it hard starts (cranks and cranks and then fires) on cold starts. Totally fine on hot starts.

It is a Cali emissions car that has the egr deleted and I redid the vacuum lines years ago and has been running fine since then. I was thinking it might be my vacuum lines, but the seem spot on after Checking the service manual. I really wish I wouldn't have switched them just because that color coding is nice to have.

Any thoughts to the hard cold starts?

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04/17/17 11:27 PM
Re: Hard starting issue after reconnecting fuel tank control valve

Is it older gas? Corn oil (ethanol) can cause problems in cold weather, but at ~10% (assuming if they use as additive) shouldn't *IF* the gas was stored properly and isn't too old. Otherwise, it likes to attact moisture + can separate over time from the gasoline.

To eliminate as possibility, see if you can take a long trip to burn up what you have in there.

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04/22/17 10:06 AM
Re: Hard starting issue after reconnecting fuel tank control valve

It was fresh gas, just filled it up before connecting the hose.

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