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04/15/17 02:04 PM
Idle tuning (Need advice)

log below.
idle + rev log
It is being long time since my last post here, I need little help from ECMlink users, Please have a look at my log, I did some adjustments to get reasonable reading. The issue I am suffering is the car cant hold after rev or slow down.
Main mod have done to the car, fresh built, SD setup using Ecmlink kit, gt35 stock location,Tial external 38mm, HKS 264s, HKS cam gears (No adjustment yet), Fresh head with upgrade springs, steel valves (Stock size), Guides and 3g lifters, 255fuel pump, 43.5psi FP using AEM FPR. TB rebuild and fiav blocked and ISC deleted (I thought it will solve the issue). No known mechanical issue suck leaks or so. Battery+alternator replaced and relocated using Jay kit.

Any comments or advice might be helpful, Thanks

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04/15/17 04:31 PM
Re: Idle tuning (Need advice)

I forget to mention, Injectors are Fic 1100hz.

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04/19/17 11:07 AM
Re: Idle tuning (Need advice)

Without going into the detail you might need to go with for a full diagnosis, I would ask if the Idle Stop Switch on the side of the TB is working and TPS values are confirmed proper for idle or simulated stop switch mode. The ECU has to see idle or simulate it based upon values. Posting at work, so can't go much more with it than that, and my Link skills are not LEEt.

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