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11/26/15 09:44 AM
JDM Fogs with Turn Signals/Plug and Play

Just finished up my plug and play JDM fogs with turn signals incorporated. I figured i would share my project. the projector side will continue to be a foglight, while the inner light will now be a turn signal.

factory JDM Wire Harness

Jdm Projector fog and the inner light to be converted to a turn signal

Parts needed:

1. USDM Fog Lights wire harnesses
2. USDM Turn Signal pig tails.
3. Amber H3 Bulbs (or cheap t10 bulbs and you can solder them into the H3 housing) click

step 1. remove complete harness from usdm foglight

step 2. remove jdm fog light side only harness, leave the turn signal harness installed, then cut off the jdm pigtail leaving about 2" of the inner light wires to solder the connection later.

at this point the jdm fog should only have the inner lights wires sticking out about 2 inches, the rest should be gone.

step 3. install the usdm harness into the jdm foglight the same way the old harness came out, use a little silicone to seal the slightly smaller rubber grommet.

step 3. cut off usdm turn signal pigtail.

step 4. solder on the usdm turn signal pig tail to the jdm inner light wires that you left after cutting the jdm harness off.

step 5. replace the H3 white bulb with a H3 amber/orange bulb (if led is used you must add a load resister so they won't flash fast)

Here is the finished product

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11/26/15 05:29 PM
Re: JDM Fogs with Turn Signals/Plug and Play

I have to ask - why do this when you could just fit a set of JDM corner lamps which are the turn signals on a JDM car?

Also you should keep in mind the turn signal circuit is expecting a 21W bulb while the H3 bulb could be anywhere from 35W to 100W

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11/26/15 06:45 PM
Re: JDM Fogs with Turn Signals/Plug and Play

i simply do not have jdm corner lights and i had all these parts lying around.

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