Street Surgeon
(Professor Street Surgeon)
09/24/14 10:54 PM
Koyo Evo III radiator fitment.

It's been pretty well beat to death, but here is a combo that is proven to work.

1. FP DSM86
2. FP manifold
3. Koyo Evo III radiator
4. ETS FMIC core with custom piping, you could probably use their cold pipe, but the hot pipe will have to be redone.

Notes: Car still has AC, and you can probably fit a slim fan on the passenger side of the radiator in the engine bay, I'm putting two SPAL pushers in front of the AC condenser and will report back with how well it works or if it doesn't. This setup works fine with the FP intake pipe. The piping is mocked up, tacked in, and ready to be welded together. Once that's done we'll get some beads rolled in there and call it a day!

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09/25/14 07:45 AM
Re: Koyo Evo III radiator fitment.

Very nice. The thickness of the Evo3 makes a great difference. You mentioned using pusher fans, make sure you seal up the gap between the radiator and condenser or you won't get the airflow you need.

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09/25/14 10:13 AM
Re: Koyo Evo III radiator fitment.

Nice engine bay. Did you have to weld an elbow on the turbo to get it to fit firing up?

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