07/28/13 03:00 PM
need help anyone electrical problem

I have a 1992 galant vr4 today the door looks sunroof the dash clock stoped working and the car radio stays on with out the car on it just started doing it today its not the fuse I checked all of them and they are good can s9meone please help me

(Space Blanket from NASA plumbed into the attic)
07/28/13 06:17 PM
Re: need help anyone electrical problem

Check the ground on the circuits to see if they all go to a common place and also I believe there should be a relay that switches off items. It may be damaged and making the radio still work and everything else not.

(fighting them with a large needle)
07/29/13 11:25 PM
Re: need help anyone electrical problem

Any update on this?

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