(Banthony )
03/22/11 02:00 PM

Wow. Epic customer service. Fast responses. Great prices, good selection. Reasonable shipping.

I bought a bunch of stuff from this site, and they had to have my 3ft length of 2.5" silicone hose drop shipped from the manufacturer.

I got a 2ft length instead. I was not happy since I expected a 3ft length to arrive. After lodging my complaint about a foot missing from my hose, i got a quick reply saying it was being checked into. Problem is... they're telling me now, that turbosmart doesnt sell/ship 3ft lengths. There was an error published on the site. Now, they're sending me another 2ft length because of the mixup. Free of charge! They said it's neither my fault or problem, and they wish to make it right. They offered to overnight ship it, and i told them not to waste their money on shipping, as i can wait.

I will most definitely be buying from these guys again!

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