(Banthony )
10/27/10 05:53 PM
Forced Performance

I've dealt with FP many times. I've bought cams, springs, retainers, and a wastegate diaphragm from them and never had any problems.

UNTIL TODAY! I ordered the 2.5" stainless o2 housing to mount up to my FP30 turbine housing. I also ordered the dump tube with it. Everything showed up super fast, EXCEPT the vband clamp which was supposed to be included, so that i can attach this fine piece to my turbine housing.

I called, they answered promptly, apologized and said it would go out immediately. WITHOUT QUESTION or delay! I had a tracking number in under 10 minutes hit my inbox.

Accidents happen. Taking care of them immediately rarely does. I commend FP for past dealings i've had with them, as well as this one!

They've were also very helpful over the phone with cam advice when i decided to go from the FP2x to something different. It's a shame i didnt buy my NEW cams from them, but at least they were honest and seemed to be happy to give me the facts and let me decide for myself.

(Member ++)
10/08/15 10:29 AM
Re: Forced Performance

It's all about customer service, and Forced Performance delivered. I had an exhaust manifold warp. It wasn't an issue with the manifold itself, but rather with the bolts in the head pulling out a bit and allowing some deformation along the gasket surface. Evan and I pulled the manifold, drilled out the old bolt holes, and installed heli coils. Everything tightened up nicely after that, but a warped manifold is a warped manifold, so there was some ticking on cold starts...

Well, it's finally time to get this sorted out. I was struggling with the best way to go about it and really just came back to getting a new manifold to swap in, then dealing with the old one once it was out of the car. On the advice of Evan, I called Forced Performance to see... well, I honestly didn't know when I called. I just explained what was going on and out of nowhere, they offered to sell me a discounted manifold from one of their mock-up engines. I mean completely unexpected!

That's the extra mile in my book.

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