(Minor 69er)
03/03/10 08:01 AM

Josiah is a great guy. He bought my intercooler off me and when it was shipped to the wrong address (paypal address on file was wrong), he contacted me with his new address and sent me money right away to handle the mistake.

Would easily do business with him whenever!

(Banthony )
03/03/11 04:47 AM
Re: boostdtalon

I second this dude being awesome to deal with. We did a swap of turbos via mail, and when i got the one he sent, it had a FUBAR turbine wheel. He shipped my box back, and i shipped his back. It takes a lot for a guy to not just say "oh well, c'est la vie" when they've got your good parts and (inadvertently, or unknowingly) shipped you something not worth a squirt of piss. Especially considering it put us each out some money for shipping. Probably around $100 each.

It took me a while to get his stuff shipped back out, but i got it done. My turbo and FMIC came back just like it went out.

Thanks a ton, Josiah.

(Member +)
03/05/14 03:09 PM
Re: boostdtalon

I recently sold Josiah a fuel filter setup and he was great to deal with. Thanks and enjoy the part!


(Senior Member)
03/27/14 03:07 PM
Re: boostdtalon

This guy is legit, great seller and great buyer.

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