(Bearded Snow Leopard)
11/16/09 01:42 PM

I recently purchased a mint set of rain guards from Stephen, everything went perfect, great communication, packaging/shipping and overall a good guy. I have to say he is a good business man and an asset to this board. I look forward to doing business again!! Thanks again!

(Hogna Carolinensis)
01/19/10 06:15 AM
Re: Chim55117

Got a CAS from Steve. He was super fast. Thanks man.

(Member +)
01/30/10 07:01 AM
Re: Chim55117

Bought a JDM Rear bumper from Stephen for an excellent price. Had some issues with shipping, however Stephen offered to refund me $50 due to the trouble with shipping. I respectfully declined due to already low price I was getting the bumper for. Bumper arrived just as described and was packaged extremely well. I would not hesitate to purchase from Stephen again. Good communication and stand up guy!!!!!

04/26/10 10:27 PM
Re: Chim55117

Great guy to deal with, will not hesitate do bussiness again with this man.

(retard monkey strength)
05/15/10 02:53 PM
Re: Chim55117

Replicant Summary - Replicant #55117 does not appear to be hostile and easily submits to any informational requests in a timely manner. It is believed that Replicant #55117 is currently living as a non-mutating humanoid in the Northern part of an area known as "The United States of America", sector 341.4, 35n, 12.9tns. The Organization was previously in contact with Replicant #55117 concerning the procurement of a non-internally diverted, standard atmosphere, suborbital air compression device(AGP Turbo #3147).

Contact and Delivery Summary - Device was received in ambiguous "Brown Cardboard" shipping container. Container was sealed with what appears to be a flat petroleum based "Tape" which had adhered only on one side. A "Label" with delivery instructions was affixed to the container describing general sector and quadrant information of our receiving location. The item was located internal of the container, wrapped in thin sheets of what appear to have previously been terrestrial, non-sentient life forms, "Trees". The sheets had been colored with various markings and what appear to be communication devices of an unknown language. Current attempts at deciphering the communication have yet to yield results other than a brief interjection by Scientist(Lvl 3), #99a37. Scientist #99a37 claimed he had discovered a symbolic pattern between "Low Prices" and another competing organization known as "Wal-Mart". Orbital destruction sequence 101-3.7 has been initiated to eliminate outside organization.

Review of Mechanism - Initial examination has shown mechanisms to be fully functional. Cleanliness was especially noted as was lack of lateral movement. Item does not appear to have been damaged by debris in any capacity. It appears item represents many if not all the characteristics of the item promised, although this being the exact item offered can not be independently verified. Investigation has concluded the possibility of the item taken receipt of being different than actual item is thought to be remote, generally less than 0.1%.

Organizational Conclusion - It is the conclusion of the organization that premise for the argument that any further dealings with Replicant #55117 should continue to remain positive and have been further verified. This organization considers Replicant #55117 to be a valuable asset and would recommend other friendly organizations consider interaction with Replicant #55117 as generally safe. No normal deception techniques were detected during conversations and interactions with Replicant #55117 and should this organization require another non-internally diverted, standard atmosphere, suborbital air compression device we would consider further interaction with Replicant #55117 in the matter.

Broxmatic Industries
Telph Sector, Anneal Quadrant(72-44.1)

Broxmatic Industries
The "WormHole" Specialists

05/16/10 08:34 PM
Re: Chim55117

That was a really comlicated way of saying transaction successful...

05/17/10 05:32 AM
Re: Chim55117

Thanks Broxma, I hope you enjoy the AGP 3147! I'd be glad to do business with you anytime. I had a good laugh reading the feedback you left me.

(Jesus Clips)
06/29/10 10:05 AM
Re: Chim55117

great seller, good price, and sent me tracking number as soon as it was sent, would def do business again.

07/01/10 03:40 PM
Re: Chim55117

Just received a 2G MAS and was well packed, with tracking. Thanks!

(my title is ghey)
07/15/10 02:12 PM
Re: Chim55117

FINALLY got my JDM bumper in today...and I must say it doesnt really look like the picture he had posted...

It looks better! I'm not sure how it happened but I guess when he packaged the bumper, the wavyness that had shown in the pictures is almost totally gone, im not sure if heat had anything to do with it, but it looks great.

Thanks Chim!

07/15/10 04:46 PM
Re: Chim55117

Thanks Hittmann! Now I'm kinda of jealous! Maybe I should have kept it in the sun and the wavyness would have been fixed!

(Jesus Clips)
07/22/10 02:31 PM
Re: Chim55117

great guy to work with, Have done multiple transactions with him, and has yet to fail. Thanks

(has one ambihelical hexnut)
07/22/10 05:41 PM
Re: Chim55117

great guy to deal with,great prices and fast shipping! perfect transaction.


12/26/10 07:00 PM
Re: Chim55117

bought a Valve Cover and the small battery kit from him for an awesome price. GREAT guy to chat with and to do business with. Thanks again Stephan

(Junior Member)
08/02/11 09:16 AM
Re: Chim55117

Purchased an ACT2600 from Steve. Great communication and the clutch was packaged well. Wouldn't hesitate to buy from him again.

(Senior Member)
05/31/14 06:53 PM
Re: Chim55117

Very good seller and shipped it perfectly. Thanks Stephen.

(295hp 35r BR4)
08/26/14 08:59 AM
Re: Chim55117

Bought some big brakes from Stephen, great seller and very easy to deal with. No complaints here. Thanks again Brotha

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