(circles method)
02/06/09 05:27 PM

Tim contacted me about my Innovate Lc-1 and asked if it was still available. I let him know that I still had it and gave him details on how to make payment. About a half hour later, I had payment. Pretty straight forward transaction.

(I'm an idiot...)
02/11/12 02:05 PM
Re: Raptorreed

good guy for sure. bought a set of colt manuals from him and he threw in a set of brand new emblems!

02/17/12 09:10 PM
Re: Raptorreed

Met Tim on the Team 2G forum, hung out at the DSM Shootout many years ago, has rocked out on DSM Purity with me for the last 4 years and has been of great guidance for my project car thus far. Very helpful and reliable in so many ways whether he's next door or even across the world.

(Hand Model)
03/24/12 01:53 AM
Re: Raptorreed

I have sold him a few things now, no issues, always a smooth transaction

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