(Member +++)
05/02/08 10:08 PM

Great guy to do business with, and I thought I shipped fast!!!! My stuff arrived in a couple of days,,,wow!!!

05/24/08 11:00 AM
Re: 3rdstrikedsm

I purchased an AFPR from him. Great condition and super quick shipping. Great guy to work with.

(Junior Member)
05/25/08 10:49 PM
Re: 3rdstrikedsm

Snagged a downpipe from him not too long ago. Great transaction with good communication and +1 on the shipping it was at my house in less than 24 hours. Definately a good guy.

(Hand Model)
06/12/08 08:32 PM
Re: 3rdstrikedsm

Bought a 3" vband assembly from him, super fast shipping! Thanks again

(Cool Guy Crowd)
08/03/08 04:03 PM
Re: 3rdstrikedsm

Got a radio bezel from him, packed to survive a nuclear blast even tho it was a $20 part.
Thanks again, would definitely buy from him in the future.

(56 pounds)
08/06/08 02:00 PM
Re: 3rdstrikedsm

super fast shipping and the item was in great shape thanks alot.

(Right-hand Member)
08/14/08 10:48 PM
Re: 3rdstrikedsm

Fast shipping. Good communication. Recommended

(Junior Member)
09/14/08 11:43 PM
Re: 3rdstrikedsm

Got a set of rockers from him. Overall good transaction.

11/03/08 05:34 PM
Re: 3rdstrikedsm

Picked up some silicone couplers and clamps from him, super fast shipping, no nonsense seller, very happy with the transaction. Thanks a lot chris.


(Member ++)
12/03/08 05:00 PM
Re: 3rdstrikedsm

Great guy to deal with and super fast shipping. Thanx man

(Should've seen it coming.)
02/24/09 10:37 PM
Re: 3rdstrikedsm

By far the fastest shipping I have come across. Took longer for my M/O to get to him then the ECU to get to me.Parts work great,Wouldn't think twice about buying from him again. A+++

03/02/09 06:55 AM
Re: 3rdstrikedsm

Perfect seller that i ever delt here , super fast shipping , great items , nice communication , Hope to deal with you again.

Thanks alot Chris

(Cool Guy Crowd)
03/29/09 02:53 PM
Re: 3rdstrikedsm

Bought a CD player from Chris.
As described, packed extremely well, works great.
Sorry for the delay in posting, Japan trip slowed things down a bit for me...

(Fisheye Hoodpins)
03/29/09 03:20 PM
Re: 3rdstrikedsm

Good seller. Quick shipping.
Totally trustworthy in my opinion.

05/28/09 12:26 PM
Re: 3rdstrikedsm

+1 for another good seller on this site bought some bearings came quickly and well packages all for a good price. Thanks allot.

(I'm an idiot...)
05/18/10 03:12 PM
Re: 3rdstrikedsm

bought an evo caliper from him.

showed up damaged. But that's good because that's how he advertised it.

(Hogna Carolinensis)
05/19/10 09:20 AM
Re: 3rdstrikedsm

Bought a bunch of T-bolt clamps. No complaints from me.

(VRC Member)
06/02/10 10:04 PM
Re: 3rdstrikedsm

Great guy to deal with..quick replies..
quick delivery..
thanks man..

(Senior Member)
02/16/11 07:20 PM
Re: 3rdstrikedsm

This was a great deal and he was very quick to ship and the evo injectors are exactly as described and shipped. He's a great seller.

(Dissapointing Member)
03/09/11 06:14 AM
Re: 3rdstrikedsm

scooped up a blackberry from Chris. price was awesome, and the phone was in better shape than he had claimed, and the shipping was pretty quick! A+++ seller!

(it's peace of mind at 100 mph plus)
04/22/11 11:08 AM
Re: 3rdstrikedsm

^^^ I bought the other one.

Rock solid deal all the way around!

(It's no Mirage, man)
10/21/11 06:34 PM
Re: 3rdstrikedsm

Got my Oakley replicas today just as described. I also had a tracking # an hour after I sent the payment . Thanks again!

(Rest in Peace)
11/24/11 08:58 PM
Re: 3rdstrikedsm

Same here! Great guy to deal with, glasses are very nice for the price, shipping was fast, overall, a perfectly smooth transaction!

Thanks bro!


11/30/11 06:25 AM
Re: 3rdstrikedsm

Everyone else said it but I will add Simple and smooth transaction all the way.


(Rest in Peace)
12/07/11 05:28 PM
Re: 3rdstrikedsm

Once again, super transaction! Thanks a lot bro, will always purchase from you when you've got something I need.


(Member +)
01/07/14 03:42 PM
Re: 3rdstrikedsm

Bought a Evo 3 waste gate actuator. Shipped quickly and text me all info. Great seller!!

(still a newb)
06/13/14 10:27 PM
Re: 3rdstrikedsm

Fast shipping and smooth transaction.

Thanks again for the Kirkey seat.

(Capt Fabbin Stabbin)
03/05/15 08:57 AM
Re: 3rdstrikedsm

bought control arms "HEAVY AND AWKWARD items" shipped with no issues. great communication and fast shipping from FL to Oregon. thanks again!

(Pwnd by Rance.)
05/22/15 03:20 PM
Re: 3rdstrikedsm

Got a Evo 8 lsd from him
Good things to say all around

(Member +)
06/03/15 11:36 PM
Re: 3rdstrikedsm

Bought a set of front knuckles off of him, came in very quickly and as described in brand new shape!

(A hole)
06/10/15 04:18 PM
Re: 3rdstrikedsm

Cut me a great deal on an Evo 1-3 ECMlink setup. Fast shipping and no bullshit, just like it should be. Thanks, dude.

(I ain't no puny human)
10/30/15 07:30 AM
Re: 3rdstrikedsm

Bought a powder coated and AN fitting modified fuel rail. Amazing price, shipped quickly and was exactly as advertised. Would buy from again.

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