(VR4sRus at the old school frosty stop)
08/29/06 09:29 AM

Plain & simple, he's an awesome guy.

Offered to be road buddies on the way out to the IA meet & also hooked me up w/ a couple oil seals to fix the main seal leak on my DD.

Also offered me a cure for the cancer.

Gives a guy a heads up if theres rust particles coming down.

HertzGalant Administrator
(OneTitle to rule them all.)
09/18/06 11:30 AM
Re: Squatch197

Doug put in my new suspension and traded me an axle. Definitely a good guy.

(WAY 2 many)
09/18/06 03:21 PM
Re: Squatch197

Dougs a good guy ..drank 24 captin and cokes in one night and didnt puke so hes a good guy!

(I take bottom on trannies)
09/18/06 04:09 PM
Re: Squatch197

4 or 40 I can't remember--LOL---

Terry Posten
(Old Balls)
10/17/06 03:44 PM
Re: Squatch197

Really an asset to our community.

Great welder, great host, great knowleage, great guy.

I hope to see/deal with you again soon.

(Douchebagel with Lox)
11/07/06 01:26 PM
Re: Squatch197

great guy! and a hell of a friend! helped me with my wheels, oil change, and safc. tought me how to soder for next time. thanks thanks thanks thanks. i'm always good for a round when you want one.
peace peace peace

(Boot Strap Bill's boy)
12/08/06 08:03 AM
Re: Squatch197

Doug is a good guy for sure! I had a problem with someone that he knew owing me money, and he helped try to fix it then when i thought hope was lost and i had been screwed, he came through and gave me the money that i was owed just to help me out and fix the problem! Your a really stand up guy Doug, and I can't wait to meet you and thank you again in person!

(Senior Member)
12/11/06 09:57 PM
Re: Squatch197

Good Guy for sure!!!
Not only did he hook me up with the control arm I needed, but he hand delivered it to my door the next day after pm-ing him.
Thanks for helping me out, and hope to hang out with you again!

(subclass marmoreus)
01/08/07 12:59 PM
Re: Squatch197

Definite good guy. Bought a few simple parts which arrived today...great packaging and in great condition. Thanks Doug!

(Rock Star Status)
01/09/07 04:46 AM
Re: Squatch197

awesome guy!!! hooked me up when i came out to chicago, hell, he even fed me!!! great guy to have on this board!!!!!

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