(Senior Ricer)
12/22/04 05:19 PM

Just got a set of exhaust maifold studs from these guys, $30 shipped! Ordered on Friday and recieved on Wednesday. If you need stainless hardware for any project visit their web-site and be confident that they'll treat you right.


( the coolest person to ever post in the past 2 hours)
12/23/04 05:07 PM
Re: Good Guy:

Just ordered a set myself.
Make sure you type and not as that is the most horrible website on the web.

(<3s Rance and self distrusts)
12/23/04 05:54 PM
Re: Good Guy:


(Out Standing)
12/23/04 10:15 PM
Re: Good Guy:

Ordered two sets of these over the last year or two. Great stuff.

12/26/04 05:36 PM
Re: Good Guy:

i ordered mine last week, and i got them in the mail friday. they look awesome. cheap price too!

03/17/05 02:28 PM
Re: Good Guy:

Just got a set from them. nice looking studs... no pun intended i promise... and fast shipping. i would definately recommend them.


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