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-Please use the Check Spelling button.

- Please keep subject line brief:
example - Good Guy : {Userid on the board} is sufficient.

- Please search to see if there is already a thread related to the buyer/seller and add to this thread if possible, instead of starting a new one.

- Within the body, please indicate item purchased and level of service as well as any other relevant information.

- Any unnecessary posts will be deleted.

- Also, we urge that you post only after you have tried to resolve issues to the fullest with the seller/buyer. Defaming someone's reputation without good reason is uncalled for. Once its done, its hard to take back.

Thanks for posting!

Also, if you are researching buyer/seller history, please read the thread fully. The subject line alone does not guarantee anything! Negative comments could be housed within!

Last but not least, these posts are for those who have specific experiences related to the person/shop listed. It is not the place to post your opinions of the poster, insults or inflamatory remarks. Post the facts about the transaction. If one of the parties involved wishes a rebuttle they are welcome to, provided that the rules are followed. If you are not involved please do not fan the flames.

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