10/21/09 06:29 PM
FS: Heavily modified 91 Galant VR4...$5500 Mass

I just dont have the time...3 week old baby, new house, wife, ect

Someone save this before I part it out

$5500 gets you EVERYTHING I have for a Galant...there is so much more invested its sick, but I just want to clean the garage out and focus on some other stuff for the time being

that being said:

1991 Mitsubishi Galant VR4
nile black
sunroof car
black leather interior
5 speed
OEM Thule roof rack

New timing belt (with all associated hardware/pulleys), new water pump, and the front brakes are new
Re-did the ENTIRE ECU cannon plug area, there was an SAFC hacked in there so I re-did everything (the right way) and left the SAFC out as I *was* planning on going DSMlink

5 lug swap
3000GT VR4 front brake swap
JDM Galant RS engine swap
FP race manifold (2 miles)
Sleeper 20g (2 miles)
Stainless o2 housing w/external dump (2 miles)
ETS FMIC kit w/stainless j-pipe and upper ic pipe
Greddy Type-S BOV (VTA)
Forced Performance 4" intake w/out recirc
2g DSM MAF conversion
Denso 550's
HKS cam gears
relocated battery
Marshal FPR
225 fuel pump
3" turbo back exhaust
Autometer boost gauge
KYB struts w/Whiteline springs
AFCO camber kit
EVO MR BBS wheels (1 tire needs replacing)
One of those brass MBC's that another member on here makes (sorry, I forget his name)
Aluminum 1/2 radiator w/slim fan
Unorthodox Racing crank pulley

Keydiver chipped ECU with the following map:
8k rev limit
no fuel cut
octane value reset
knock sum using the OEM boost gauge in the cluster
check engine shift light
2 step stutter box
Injector and fuel pressure compensation
Deadtime compensation
2g DSM MAF compensation
idle speed adjustment
enhanced closed loop

Deleted stuff:
all wheel steering

Extra/uninstalled parts:
EVO 8 Blue/black Recaros
Tein coilovers w/front camber plates
Delrin shifter bushings
Apexi SAFC
Jumptronix o2/voltage meter
Apexi (or Greddy) turbo timer
Spare 3" downpipe w/seconday 02 bung welded in (was going to install a wideband)
One of those "VR4" engraved din gauge pods
2 more sets of wheels (1g 16" Talon wheels/tires and a set of 17" Sport Edition somethings(?) that clear the 3kgt brakes)
The OEM RS Big 16g with the manifold and o2 housing still on it (turbo is 100% good, no shaft play/smoke)
Spare headlights
All the A/C stuff I took out
whatever else is out there (I'm sure theres more)

I have driven the car up and down the street since the 20g install...cars pulls very hard

idle searches (600-900ish)
rad fan isnt coming on like it should..definitely works, I think the old temp sensor I used is junk
only has the drivers seat currently installed (waiting on the Delrin shifter bushings to come in..other seats and center console are out)

I strongly urge anyone local to come see/drive the car, its so close to being finished and I wish I could do it but I just dont have the time

The car is in one piece, I just havent taken any pics but this should give you an idea

Ii comes with the OEM steering wheel...although I will give the new owner the NRG hub (That steering wheel has been in about 12 of my cars, I cant let it go its just too sentimental)

Older pics (has a new front bumper w/the grille intact)

10/22/09 03:04 PM
Re: FS: Heavily modified 91 Galant VR4...$5500 Mass

New pics from today (10/21/09)

(Member +)
10/23/09 05:51 AM
Re: FS: Heavily modified 91 Galant VR4...$5500 Mass

how does that little mini rad. do on daily commutes, like stop light (sit there for 2 lights) traffic? Do you have all the interior pieces to be put back in the car?

10/23/09 02:39 PM
Re: FS: Heavily modified 91 Galant VR4...$5500 Mass

I've never used the car as a daily driver...radiator is new but I only got it because alot of other run them without issue and it makes working on te front of the motor 100x easier.

Yes, I have the complete interior

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