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10/07/20 07:51 PM
FS: 225 of 2k vr4. Nile Black 3000$ Oklahoma City

I am a 30 year DSMer active on DSMTuners. This is to help my best fried. He had a stroke several years ago and lacks the ability to finish the car.
I helped take the engine and trans out. It's a Kensigton Grey car 225 of 2k 1991.
The major machine work is done for a stock rebuild.
All parts are included.
Fresh polished crank.
Fresh head and deck
Fresh block
New in box HKS 272 cams
New in box fidanza flywheel
Enkei EV5 17" wheels with Michelin pilot super sport 225/45/17
New stock parts and gaskets, New in box Mitsu top end kit. New knock sensor (rare and unavailable for some time)
New aftermarket cast pistons and rings
Stock wheels included also.
Energy suspension bushings already installed.
I have recently disassembled the trans, case has been bead blasted and is being reassembled with new synchros.
I could be convinced to do more to it ahead of time if price is adjusted.

I have to look and see what else there is. It's been in a garage for the last 5 years and was garaged prior to that. It's dirty but paint is not faded.
It is a clean starting point for a good project but needs some love.
164k miles.

He wants 3000$ or it will sit.
I would own it but COVID has left me unemployed.
The owner is my friend James Daniel for any OG members out there.
Any details wanted msg me and I can provide pictures and gather more info as needed. Car is in Oklahoma City and obviously will need to be trailered.

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10/08/20 08:02 AM
Re: FS: 225 of 2k vr4. Kensington Grey 3000$ Oklahoma City

If this is a Kensington Gray car, then it is a 92, as that was a new color introduced in 92. Just helping with the accuracy of the ad. Good luck with the sale, a rust-free example of these is hard to come by.

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10/11/20 02:28 PM
Re: FS: 225 of 2k vr4. Kensington Grey 3000$ Oklahoma City

I am mistaken. This is a nile black car.

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10/14/20 10:25 AM
Re: FS: 225 of 2k vr4. Kensington Grey 3000$ Oklahoma City

OKC is 775 miles! UGH!!!!!

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