JonGalant Administrator
08/14/20 05:50 PM
FS: 2014 Evolution X GSR: $30,000 SOLD!

48 year old, long time Mitsubishi driver is ready to retire from the EVO X. I drove a 1990 Eclipse GS turbo in college, Galant VR4 through the rest of the 90's (even started the website), and then bought this wicked white EVO X GSR on 4/28/2017 with 18,421 miles. 

I'm in a Nashville, Tennessee suburb so the car is completely rust free and always garage kept. I work from home, even before COVID, so it doesn't have a lot of miles on it.

When I got it, it was completely stock but I know the previous owner had just a single mod of an aftermarket air filter for a while but that was it.

Performance Mods
- AEM intake
- Depo Racing upper intercooler pipe
- MXP short 3" downpipe
- Depo Racing 3" High-Flow Cat
- Depo Racing 3" Test Pipe also included
- Cobb 3" Cat-Back exhaust with oval tips
- RRE 3 port boost solenoid
- AEM Wideband sensor
- Air vent gauge pod
- Tactrix, ECU Flash, Keyspan USB to serial cable for tuning
- Tuned by Chet Rickerman

Other Mods
- HomeLink rear view mirror
- Backup camera
- Hood struts
- Dynamat roof, floor, and trunk
- I removed the spare tire for weight savings and added trunk space. I still have the spare, tools, carpet, board, etc and it will be included.

- Hyundai pulleys (4/26/2020; 36,002 miles)
- ACT street clutch (9/18/2019; 34,200 miles)
- Redline power steering flush (7/6/2019; 32,651 miles)
- StopTech STR-600 brake fluid (3/23/2019; 31,249 miles)
- Coolant flush (12/2/2018; 29,730 miles)
- New Optima Red Top battery (12/1/2018; 29,690 miles)
- Mitsu SPIII Rear Diff fluid (11/3/2018; 29,395 miles)
- New Mitsubishi pulleys and Gates serpentine belt (8/17/2018; 28,353 miles)
- Redline fluids for transmission, transfer case, and rear diff (12/29/2017; 24,424 miles)
- Centric Posi-Quiet brake pads (6/5/2017; 20,138 miles)

The rest of the car is stock. Stock suspension that has never been modified. Stock turbo, stock fuel system, etc. None of this stuff has ever been modified.

Pictures: click

JonGalant Administrator
08/26/20 12:24 PM
Re: FS: 2014 Evolution X GSR: $30,000


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