01/14/20 08:59 PM
FS: 1991 Galant VR4 #1124/2000 $8500 Malone, NY

I've never had a for sale ad pain me as much to write as this one. For 15 years one of the cars I've wanted to own and tried to own multiple times was a Galant VR4. Not just any Galant. This Galant. #1124. This car belonged to a fraternity brother of mine and I was introduced to her circa 2003/4. It was in his possession up until early last year when I finally convinced him to sell it to me. Never did I ever have plans on letting her go especially after all the time I waited to own it. But life often diverts you from the course you thought you were taking and many times certain priorities become more important. With that being said #1124 is currently up for sale. I bought her with the mileage shown in the picture (just under 86k). I have owned her for almost a year now and have put just a few over 300 miles on it (now has approx 8630x). Considering I have it insured for $10k at a price of $300/year thats $1/mi just in insurance. I honestly feel that to replace this car with a car in a similar condition I would need the full 10k in the event of a total loss. I have the original window sticker, manual and paperwork from when it was bought new in PA. Somewhere along the way it was undercoated and it shows for living its entire life in the Northeast. It has clearly been maintained and garaged its entire life or at least the last 20 years while my brother and I have owned it. The Belize green paint is in pretty good shape considering shes 29 years old. In the past 5k miles a full timing service was done including belt, tensioner and water pump. At the same time the head was refreshed with new guides, keepers and seals and was reinstalled with a MLS gasket and a set of studs. The car had also been sitting for some time so all four corners got new brakes, rotors and calipers. It has a fresh oil change, all new accessory belts, plugs and a new battery. The heat blows hot and the AC blows cold! The 4ws had developed a leak some time before I bought it so I removed it once I got it home and shortly thereafter bought a good used lower mileage 4 bolt rear for it but have yet to install it. The following parts have been installed and running great for quite some time:

Big 16g

Large fmic (core is at least 24x8x3 if not bigger)

Short route piping

1g BOV vented to atm

GM MAF with translator

RC 550cc

Aeromotive AFPR

Walboro 255lph

Custom 2.5" SS TBE

ACT 2600

JIC Magic FLT-A2 coilovers

8.5mm wires


Autometer boost, egt and water temp

Pioneer head unit with upgraded door speakers

Keydriver chip

Jdm corner lights

HP Racing 17x7 wheels

General Altimax Artic studded snows 215/45/17 installed 85% life left

Sumitomo HTRZ 2 215/45/17 brand new summer tires included

'92 painted grille

The car has been running on the keydriver chip for over 15 years. It starts, idles, cruises and performs under WOT just like it should. It is tuned to 18psi and I have yet to see the gauge spike. The factory boost gauge on the dash has been changed to a knock sensor indicator and again I have yet to record any counts of knock. The factory chip is also included. The car is in great shape but is not perfect. There is 1 pretty small dent in each fender, a crack in the drivers side upper headliner trim and the EGT works intermittently which is due to a loose wiring connection under the hood. There is also a small dent just behind the drivers side rear door. None of these are visibly over-concerning but I want to be as thorough as possible. I highly encourage anyone to come and see the actual condition of this car so it can be appreciated in person. I started to collect a few parts that I was planning on installing in the spring that will be sold after the car is sold so that the buyer can purchase some or all if interested. These include:

DSMLink v3 full installed with cable ($600)

SD kit (brand new) ($80)

Innovate MTX-L (brand new) ($140)

4 bolt rear end with axles and cups (under 90k) ($350)

5 lug hubs and spindles ($100)

Evo IX Bilstein suspension ($200)

JDM hood in great condition ($500)

Every Energy Suspension bushing available ($180)

Poly rear subframe and mustache bar bushings ($150)

KW5M332NPXV 91-94 awd trans was keeping as a core to build as a spare ($100)

The car is located in Malone, NY 12953 and the price is $8500 obo. Feel free to message me with any questions or additional pictures you want me to take. I am willing to negotiate but lowball offers will not be responded to. Thanks for looking

01/17/20 09:42 PM
Re: FS: 1991 Galant VR4 #1124/2000 $8500 Malone, NY


01/18/20 01:20 PM
Re: FS: 1991 Galant VR4 #1124/2000 $8500 Malone, NY

Motivated seller!

02/09/20 04:08 AM
Re: FS: 1991 Galant VR4 #1124/2000 $8500 Malone, NY

Hey bro I sent you a text I'm interested in the energy suspension bushing kit

04/19/20 04:17 PM
Re: FS: 1991 Galant VR4 #1124/2000 $8500 Malone, NY

Is the hood still there?

05/13/20 11:16 AM
Re: FS: 1991 Galant VR4 #1124/2000 $8500 Malone, NY

Do you still have Evo front suspension / 5 lug hub / 91-94 awd trans ?

05/26/20 08:37 PM
Re: FS: 1991 Galant VR4 #1124/2000 $8500 Malone, NY

I am curious if you would sell the single din and gauge bezel with the radio and gauge if not just the bezel?

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10/24/20 10:00 PM
Re: FS: 1991 Galant VR4 #1124/2000 $8500 Malone, NY

I'm Interested in the hood if it still available

01/10/21 12:38 AM
Re: FS: 1991 Galant VR4 #1124/2000 $8500 Malone, NY

General bump up for this nice ride !

Parting out would be a tragedy..

Best wishes for the new year !


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