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11/03/19 11:00 PM
FS: Black GVR-4 # 1680/2000 South Chicago Burbs

Update Nov 8 - Down pipe gasket has been replaced. I've detailed the car inside. Cleaned windows, door jams, trunk is clean, vacuumed the whole car. Added leather protector and interior protector as well. Shined up real good. Even the shift knob shines like a star.

Well I purchased my 1st GVR-4 to replace my 1G with no A/C and for hauling my 4 kids around. Lost my job earlier in the year and I finally had time to finish the mess.

Original Block popped a freeze plug, Long story short, I swapped a whole different motor.
Before the swap, I tore the engine down.
Holds a rock steady idle, ISC is still there.
New head gasket. ARP head studs torqued to 100 ft. lbs. with ARP lube
Intake Gasket and TBody gaskets.
All new gaskets everywhere. Oil pan and turbo does not leak at all.
I didn't have a downpipe gasket, so I'll admit theres a old one in there. Will replace when I have the gasket

Valve cover does not leak. New cam seals
NGK wires with NGk plugs gapped to .028
New Mopar belt. Save us both headaches and time
New balance shaft belt
You can slide a pin in and out the Tensioner so its perfect tension.
Original cluster has no working back lights. So a unit from Mr Pot was installed but has 192k
A/C is complete and intact. Needs a recharge though
Heater works perfectly good.
Both new E-brake cables with c-clips
Both rear inner axle boots were torn, so Napa brand were fitted
Replaced a rear caliper because the bleeder valve broke
ABS was removed and new front lines (already flared) were installed.
Was missing power steering hose, installed that
4WS was previously removed at some point
Inner tie rods were bent, boots cracked. Replaced that
Outer tie rods were shot. Replaced those. Not sure how I didn't notice during test drive
Trunk didnít open, was told it did. Replaced cable
Gas door doesnít pop open, even replaced the cable. Does open with your hand once popped
Slotted and drilled rotors. Brakes have good amount of life left

All lower support bars and gussets are intact.

Had a blown, rigged up E3 16G, unfortunately not rebuildable said Mr Justin whitesell.So a good condition 14b was fitted
It is fed off the OFH and has a tee for a gauge. Gauge is installed but doesnít work. Just found that out. Possible bad sending unit
Ported o2 housing and slightly ported 2G manifold with OEM studs are 14mm not the 12 (edge studs)
2G MAF Ė has 1G to 2G adapter harness
Decent size FMIC with aluminum piping
Authentic TiAl blow off valve
Chipped ECU - see pics for details on what it has.
Pink top Evo 560cc? injectors. New seals, orings, head insulators
Walbro 255 HP fuel pump
Aeromotive Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator
Engine has 110k. All stock top to bottom
Trans has double 2nd synchro and was rebuilt according to previous owner
SBR 350 ( Yup been that long Iíve finished a project) which is basically a ACT 2600
Flywheel I believe is a Exedy. Car originally had a Stage 2 Exedy clutch. Its not heavy but not lightened
*All new fluids *
Power steering, clutch fluid, Valvoline 5W30 Synthetic, Valvoline gear oil for Transfer case and rear end. Valvoline trans gear fluid. Shit even Menards $2 washer fluid good to -20 įF!
Transmission axles seals
Transfer case does not leak.
Battery relocated to the rear with a sealed box. Has a breaker installed
Cruise control was removed, can include it if you ever need it.
93í Glass headlights with HID's
Headlight adjusters are busted so that's why they are clocked weird
Good, clean title

Rusted driver side fender
Rusty car underneath overall
Needs a proper alignment
Steering rack leaks

Iím trying to be honest as possible. I got screwed pretty bad by the previous young high school owner but hopefully someone can enjoy the car. Body is not perfect, donít feel bad about the salty roads we have to endure.

Original ad was $4300 so I'm asking the same price. Make me a good offer. I've put my heart and soul into this car, so please keep your negative comments to yourself.


Album above

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11/04/19 08:37 AM
Re: FS: Black GVR-4 # 1680/2000 South Chicago Burbs

Do you happen to know what shift knob that is? It's kinda neat looking.

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11/04/19 02:38 PM
Re: FS: Black GVR-4 # 1680/2000 South Chicago Burbs

No I don't know what brand it is.


Here's a link to a picture album. All those are from today. I washed and waxed the car. I'm sick and it's getting cold out so I didn't get a chance to get interior pictures.

Any questions, offers? Motivated seller

11/04/19 06:52 PM
Re: FS: Black GVR-4 # 1680/2000 South Chicago Burbs

Looks like a shift knob from a early 90ís Honda Accord.

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11/05/19 12:31 PM
Re: FS: Black GVR-4 # 1680/2000 South Chicago Burbs

I have a Eagle/Ross short block that I can sell cheap. Very good condition.

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11/07/19 03:36 PM
Re: FS: Black GVR-4 # 1680/2000 South Chicago Burbs

I forgot to add the head has new Valve stem seals as well.

Original album has been updated with all the pics below but separate albums incase someone doesn't want to go thru then again.

Here's a album of when I obtained the car.

Blown turbo and no P/S hose, it made a very big mess all over the bay. I tried my best to clean it up with degreaser and rags. I don't have a drain in my garage so couldn't pressure wash the bay with the engine out.

Here's a album of the engine bay




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11/09/19 11:15 PM
Re: FS: Black GVR-4 # 1680/2000 South Chicago Burbs

Rusty but it's got potential. Have cams? We can install them. Motor is clean as shit. Don't gotta touch it.

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11/12/19 11:49 PM
Re: FS: Black GVR-4 # 1680/2000 South Chicago Burbs

Good news, the transmission itself doesn't leak, it's the pass side axle seal. It is new, but must of messed it up installing is my guess.

So I'll be replacing that.

11/19/19 08:36 PM
Re: FS: Black GVR-4 # 1680/2000 South Chicago Burbs

Hi: Little confused about the turbo. Is it working fine, or blown right now?

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11/20/19 10:49 AM
Re: FS: Black GVR-4 # 1680/2000 South Chicago Burbs

The current turbo (14b) is perfect. Builds boost and no shaft play. I have also installed a exh manifold heat shield.

The old 16G, Justin tossed it out. CHRA was beyond repair. I should add pics of the previous owner's "rebuild" skills.

And I'm pretty sure I did install the lightweight Fidanza flywheel. I saw the one that was previously installed around my garage.

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11/30/19 03:11 PM
Re: FS: Black GVR-4 # 1680/2000 South Chicago Burbs

Can meet partways if a deposit is left. $$

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12/12/19 08:15 AM
Re: FS: Black GVR-4 # 1680/2000 South Chicago Burbs

Any interest in selling the Enkei wheels?

I have some 17s I'd trade plus cash.

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12/12/19 09:09 AM
Re: FS: Black GVR-4 # 1680/2000 South Chicago Burbs

Text me some pictures 708-830-7211

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