07/16/19 03:05 PM
FS: Testing the waters 949/1000 with evo 8 parts UPDATE: EMERGENCY PRICE DROP 1K

Hey guys, gauging interest in the basket case of 949/1000. Car is in north Reno. It has a salvaged NV title (booo) Theft recovery driver door is screwed. However, it has almost everything from the headliner to door panels. Doesn't drive but rolls(I pulled the engine apart and checked the trans and center diff). Has aftermarket wheels from the early 2000's. I have a you tube video walk around of the car. It's rough, but could be brought back if you're stubborn enough. I might need to move to Texas for work, and it would be really expensive to get it down there, so I thought I might part with the whole thing and all of the parts for a decent price

All ARP hardware in the bottom end (all of it including crank)
Wiseco pistons
Eagle rods (one spun a bearing)
head had a cold weld booger in it.
trans shifts good
transfer case looks great inside of it.
new aluminum radiator
new front and rear evo 8 calipers
rear evo seats
evo suspension (struts with lowering springs)
engine stand goes with sale

driver door was pried open?

seats and some plastic are brittle and messed up
down pipe has been damaged but is repairable
Turbo is toast

Here is the walk around: click

2k OBO (obo is the important part) for 949 and all the evo goodies that come with it plus the engine stand. (I also have some other stuff I can throw in if you want it once you are here) The engine parts are why it is priced like this. I could part this out and probably make 3 or 4 k if I was super patient and did a lot of work, but if I am moving I simply don't have time.

If I don't move I am going to keep it and do a crazy track car thing with it, but I will re register it after with one of the NV body shops.

I will know within three weeks whether or not I am going (the executive summary takes 3 weeks), but its most likely a go.

08/11/19 01:02 PM
Re: FS: Testing the waters 949/1000 with evo 8 parts

emergency price drop. I am moving and don't want to spend the money to store it right now. Ill take 1000 for everything if its within the next week.

08/11/19 05:52 PM
Re: FS: Testing the waters 949/1000 with evo 8 parts

If you bring it with you down here to Texas I'll buy it from you.

08/12/19 01:13 PM
Re: FS: Testing the waters 949/1000 with evo 8 parts

If I have to bring it to Texas I'll rebuild it lol.

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