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01/27/18 11:43 PM
FS: 741/2000

My 91 is for sale. Burns oil, leaks coolant, has high cold idle, driverís exterior door handle is broken, left rear wheel bearing is junk, and the other night the alternator pulley seized, it threw the belt so no power steering either.
Iíve replaced/upgraded all the rubber in the front suspension, but hadnít gotten to rear yet. The shocks need to be replaced.
Recent rebuilt 14b, new clutch, stainless brake lines, fresh brakes. New timing belt, new aluminum radiator. Before the alternator problem it was a running driving car, and the engine felt strong, trans shifts great. I was daily driving it before I bought a new car. Two days ago. The car has no significant rust, there may be some under the front part of the side skirt, I donít know Iíve never taken it off. Iíve owned the car since May of 2015, before that it was owned by the original ownerís sister who inherited it when he passed away in 2001. The car is originally from Florida where it stayed until 2001. It has 157k miles.
Iíll get some more informative pics on Monday, I didnít have many on my IPad.
1700 bucks for the first VR-4 nut with a trailer. If you want to fix the alternator and wheel bearing in my back yard and drive it home Iíll give you a hand.

(Rolled by Accord while sauced)
01/29/18 11:09 PM
Re: FS: 741/2000

If only you were on this side of Wisconsin. Good looking car.

02/25/18 02:17 PM
Re: FS: 741/2000

Do u still have it

04/10/20 04:40 PM
Re: FS: 741/2000

Do you still have the car

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