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09/23/15 12:13 PM
FS: 1989 awd mitsubishi mirage $12,000 denver, co

This is a good friend of mine's car. It is at my house available for viewing by interested parties.

1989 4g63 AWD Mirage

First in case anyone is delusional this is NOT A DD in any sense of the word.

It has NO heater, no windshield wipers, no blinkers heck not even a dash.

There are working lights and brake lights.

This car was built for one purpose and that was to be FAST.

When I bough it the car was pretty much stripped I just went a little further.

Here are the mods. I might be forgetting things.

2300 lbs with 5 gallons of gas in it

666 hp at 38ish psi.


Clean Colorado title

Original turbo model

2.0 swapped

Awd swapped using 1g parts.


NO windshield wipers

No blinkersÖ but you could make them work.

NO KEY. Push button start


1g 6 bolt 2.0

Eagle crank

Eagle rods

Wiseco HD 9:1 pistons

Acl race bearings

20 over


2g ported and polished by headz by drew

1mm over size valves

Kiggly hla

Kiggly springs and retainers

Kelford 272s

Steering Suspension:

GAB rear coil overs

1g dsm front struts with stock height springs

Non power steering model

Forced induction:

Pte 6466 t3

T3 punishment racing budget manifold

3 inch dp back with inline magnaflow(I think) muffler

Ets 1g fmic 2.5 cold side and 3 inch hot side piping

Gm maf

Tial 2 bolt 38mm wastegate

Dumps out of a hole in the hood


1g v3 full dsmlink

5 bar AEM map sensor

5 inch tach/shift light

Coolant temp gauge

AEM wideband


5 gallon fuel cell

Dual bosch 044s

-8 feed and return


1600 cc injectors


1g built trans with 4 spider center.

This is honestly one of the best shifting trans I have ever had.


Ford ranger 4.0 monster radiator. Installed in the frame support

Big rad fan. I canít remember the name..

Fan controlled by a relay through link. Fully adjustable


4 bolt rear end

Lsd rear diff

Custom driveshaft done locally

Harness bar bolted in for easy removal for a cage

Front lower rad support was cut out and a large bar was welded in. Front motor mount bolts to it

A rear motor mount was also welded to the car.

Both are removable which makes for easy removal of the engine.

Rear of the car was removed for install of the rear subframe

It was then covered with tin and a 1.4 inch this piece of aluminum.

This car is loud and obnoxious!!

Itís a noisy ride and stiff because of the rear coilovers.

This is a purpose built car. Put a cage in it and you will have an absolute monster!!

Body is pretty straight.

No front bumper.

The hood was gutted which makes the hood WAY to flimsy. It will need replaced or reinforced. I didnít know how thin the metal was when I did this.

I have tried to be as honest as possible. If I remember more I will add it.

A similar setup with motor issues, heavier and most of the interior sold for 7100 recently.

I have no idea how to price this so I will put the price at 12k.

This is not a firm price just a starting point.

Money talks BS walks. Donít think you will get this car for a few thousand bucks.†


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09/23/15 12:43 PM
Re: FS: 1989 awd mitsubishi mirage $12,000 denver, co

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10/01/15 11:11 AM
Re: FS: 1989 awd mitsubishi mirage $12,000 denver, co

The car has now run a [email protected]


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