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09/30/14 02:16 PM

Friend asked me to put this up since hes not a member here.

1992 Mitsubishi Galant VR4 (aka EVO "0")
#721 of 1000 produced

This is the holy grail of Galant VR4's. Garage kept, all stock and one owner for first 21 years. Original window sticker, new car delivery check list and all maintenance records along with the numbered keychain. Clean Car Fax and Auto Check. No accidents. A true survivor that is impossible to find.

Purchased from a couple who loved these cars so much they had 2 of them. This was the wife's car, the husband had a 91 which a friend of mine bought at the same time. Always garage kept and religiously washed and hand waxed, there was a lot of wax residue to prove it! No dents, dings or rust on the body. The only rust that is starting is the typical Galant hood seam on the driver side but you can easily replace the hood and be completely rust free! The typical spots where rust starts such as behind the rear wheel are 100% perfect. It has been stored winters since at least 2000 and before that taken to the underbody car wash around the corner from their house repeatedly. The car came with a glove box full of receipts from it.

The exterior is really nice with no dents or door dings just some paint fade on the hood, some small chips in the paint here and there. Interior is excellent shape. One of the stitches on the rear seat has come apart and 2 tiny cracks in the dash but other than that it is great.

You will never find a GVR4 that has been so babied and cared for. Does not squeak or rattle like every other one. Driving this GVR4 is like it is 1992 again. Must drive and see it to appreciate. It will blow your mind.

Car is mechanically in good shape. Everything works except the power antenna, ABS and the parking brake. New clutch at 82K. The only thing I did was go through and lube all the brake calipers that were a little sticky from the car sitting, replaced a tie rod and changed the oil. Timing belt has approx. 10k on it. I just drove it 250 miles to MOD and back with no troubles.

If you are looking for a clean, unmolested specimen you may never find anything better than this again. Must see to believe how immaculate this and original this car is. I had no intention of buying a Galant VR4 like this but when I saw it I had to scoop it up. Too many cars is forcing me to sell it. I really would prefer to have a nice 4G63 Turbo 1G DSM (Talon) and Merkur XR4Ti for sentimental reasons so I am selling this to make room for the cars that mean a little more to me. I know I'll probably regret selling this but I only have so much space and money. . .

If you are going to hack this car up or drive it through winter don't bother calling. This is a piece of Mitsubishi history and I'll only sell it to a good home.

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09/30/14 05:51 PM
Re: FS: 92 Galant VR4 #721 (Unmolested) $5,950.00 West Chicago, IL

Jesus, some tint, tires, and a few other subtle things and that car would be perfect!

09/30/14 08:12 PM
Re: FS: 92 Galant VR4 #721 (Unmolested) $5,950.00 West Chicago, IL

Where was this 2 months ago? GLWS OP!

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10/01/14 12:42 AM
Re: FS: 92 Galant VR4 #721 (Unmolested) $5,950.00 West Chicago, IL

Clean car! Nice ad too.

Hope it goes to someone who will take care of it. Seems like a lot of car for the money. In about two years these cars are considered a classic.

(Trying To Sell Out)
10/16/14 09:36 PM
Re: FS: 92 Galant VR4 #721 (Unmolested) $5,950.00 West Chicago, IL

car was sold... good luck to new owner. please take care of it

10/17/14 06:20 AM
Re: FS: 92 Galant VR4 #721 (Unmolested) $5,950.00 West Chicago, IL

Would the seller or buyer mind posting what it was sold for? It would be nice to add this to the ongoing list of nice VR-4's sold and at what cost.

(Trying To Sell Out)
10/17/14 07:55 AM
Re: FS: 92 Galant VR4 #721 (Unmolested) $5,950.00 West Chicago, IL

Didnt goto anybody on board... sold off C/L.. No idea what it went for sorry

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