09/07/14 02:50 PM
FS: 313/1000 Minnesota $2000

Up for sale is a 1992 Galant VR-4 (313/1000).

2xx,xxx miles on the chassis and unknown on the motor as it was replaced by previous owners.
The car is in running condition right now although a little rough around the edges. (Please read cons if concerned.)

The following is copy/pasted from previous sale threads for this car to save time.

(Engine was rebuilt due to melted piston)
-Bored .020
-Forged 8.3:1 wiseco pistons
-Head and block decked for Cometic MLS head gasket
-Reconditioned stock rods
-ARP head studs
-Head lightly ported
-Head reconditioned(new guides,springs, valve job, etc.)
-New front case(oil pump)
-Balance shafts removed
-All new timing components and water pump
-All bearings and gaskets etc.
-Rebuilt 14b turbo
-3inch turbo back exhaust. (Old magnaflow muffler rusted a hole in it so I just replaced it with a 3 inch pipe.)

Now onto things I've replaced.

-New-ish Exedy Stg 1 clutch replaced by me about 5k miles ago.(Replaced clutch fork, pivot ball, resurfaced flywheel for
the new clutch, and a new OEM throw out bearing.)
-STM Performance -6an fuel feed line kit with re-wired walbro 255 fuel pump.(Replaced old fuel feed because the hardline
for the fuel sending unit snapped off.)
-New radiator fan. (Stock one did not turn on when I acquired the car.)
-New 90amp alternator from Beck/Arnley.
-Not so new but better than before power-steering pump. (Previous one had a wobbly wheel.)
-Philips x-treme power headlights. (Old ones burnt out.)
-DIY Rear bumper support. (Old bumper support got rusted so bad to the point where it was about to literally fall off
the car. Guide was followed on this thread. -> link)
-BRAND new tires 2k ish miles ago.
-I HAD a newer socketed ECU with a mild chip tune to throw in but one of the pins have corroded away. Now running stock
ECU. (Socketed ECU will come with car.)
-New Akebono brake pads on the front.
-Ni-copp rear brake lines. (Old brake line was leaking pretty bad.)
-Techna-fit braided brake lines from B2Autodesigns (Bobdole) on the .org forums. (Have only done 2 corners so
far, haven't had time to do the other 2)
-Clutch master cylinder replaced around the same time as the new clutch.
-Brand new short shifter from JNZ tuning.(It's the longer one suited for a GVR4.)
-New passenger side control arm with new ball joint and swaybar link.

-Ever since I've owned it, it does NOT like sitting in 80-90 degree humid weather in stop and go traffic for long periods of
-Minnesota rust on the under-carriage.
-Leaks power steering BAD. One of the previous owners thought it was a good idea to JB-weld a high-pressure hardline on
the rack and has decided to fail pretty recently. I have removed the power-steering belt to prevent damage to the pump.
-Idle-air controller on the ECU is acting funny so it will have a low idle/idle surge when warming up. (Idle calms down
after completely warmed up.)
-Leaks a drop of oil every day or so. Not sure where its coming from.
-Passenger side e-brake cable has snapped. (I have a brand new replacement still in box.)
-Will need new front rotors soon. (I might replace them before the car sells if I have enough time.)
-Sub-zero degrees in the Minnesota winter will make the lifters tick for a while. (I have a new set of ITM 3g revised
lifters in a container of oil, bled and ready to be installed.)
-Turbo spools pretty slow, I'm assuming its either the wastegate actuator or a leak on
the wastegate flapper.

Reason for selling:

-I work full time and I'm planning to go back to school soon. I really have no more time to work on this car with all of
it's flaws that I've discovered from owning it.

Asking for $2000. (Please no low-balling, I am in NO rush to sell this car.)
PS. It will come with a box of extra replacement parts I have accumulated for the car. (Spare radiator, coil-packs, power transistors, headlight housings, valve cover.)


(Will update with more pics later.)

($6500 obo)
09/07/14 04:18 PM
Re: FS: 313/1000 Minnesota $2000

I love the cop in the back round. GLWS

(Junior Member)
09/07/14 06:55 PM
Re: FS: 313/1000 Minnesota $2000

Do you think it will make it back to cali?

09/07/14 07:57 PM
Re: FS: 313/1000 Minnesota $2000

Not sure, the longest I've driven it was for about 2 hours straight with no issues.

(All I want is a dodgy)
09/09/14 11:55 PM
Re: FS: 313/1000 Minnesota $2000

Soooo tempting.

(Junior Member)
10/21/14 08:37 AM
Re: FS: 313/1000 Minnesota $2000

If u were willing to make the trip I would trade u this

11/16/14 11:31 AM
Re: FS: 313/1000 Minnesota $2000


02/01/15 06:02 PM
Re: FS: 313/1000 Minnesota $2000

Do u still have

(fighting them with a large needle)
02/02/15 02:36 PM
Re: FS: 313/1000 Minnesota $2000

^Comments like this should put the ban hammer in motion.... Need to trim the fat around here!

09/23/17 11:24 PM
Re: FS: 313/1000 Minnesota $2000

Talk about trimming the fat maybe we should trim the fat on people that don't know how to put sold on the front page so people don't read the whole thing to find out it is sold

(fighting them with a large needle)
09/24/17 07:47 PM
Re: FS: 313/1000 Minnesota $2000

Back from the dead!

Reading is hard. Don't hurt yourself...

(I have to say something dumb Member)
09/25/17 09:42 AM
Re: FS: 313/1000 Minnesota $2000

dude reading is super fudge... i mean hard, yo...

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10/01/17 12:29 PM
Re: FS: 313/1000 Minnesota $2000

I mean for the right price it's for sale
Actually was looking at listing it for trades soon, love the car but ready for an a-body mopar...
It's changed a fair bit, but 313 is still alive and driving daily

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