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04/22/14 05:48 PM
FS: 1835/2000, $800, Bangor ME

1991 Galant VR4 #1835/2000
Color: Belieze Green,sunroof
5-speed manual transmission

-I have included a link to the previous owners vehicle discription from the forum board. In the link it is the second vehicle that is green and is in the same overall shape.
-I have a video of it idleing, driving, and overall run down. I can email you the videos upon request(best if you have gmail)
-I have picutures of the undercarrage rust I can text or email you just send me your email or text me and I will send them to you.

EVERYTHING in the car works, I drive it every day(for the past 4 years), and it is rather dependable however...

-Very rusted underneath(I have labeled/priced it as a parts car for a reason)
-Power steering doesnt work(It was just the fluid leaked out,works now,
-4WS doesnt work(didnt work when I bought it)
-The exhaust is completely gone(Flex pipe back)
-There is some moderate body damage to the front right headlight and rear quarter panel
-Parking break is broken
-Idle surge
-Knock sensor might be bad
-2 tires with 30% tread

-The engine, interior(7/8 out of 10-NO TEARS), exterior(6/7 out of 10) and electronics all work
-Doesnt smoke
-Comes with Beck/Arnly New rebuild parts(Head gasket,valve cover gasket, water pump, enterprise kevlar timing belt, pulleys, and front case)
-Good gas tank, pump,and lines changed last year(got from a member here)
-New brake pads
-Has new front head lamp to replace broken one
-New parking break line to replace broken one
-2 new tires

-Will it be able to drive 3000 miles?
Its a 91 VR4 with 176,000 miles, in fair shape... Of course it will make it, but if it doesnt I am not refunding you.

-How bad is the rust, do you have pictures?
If the rust wasnt bad I would price it better, wouldnt be selling it, and wouldnt be telling you its pretty bad.

-Do you think its salvagable?
Yes, however it could cost like 3000+ and at that point you might as well buy one ready to go, in 5-10 years it will be worth it to salvage, but not at the moment.

-How long do you think it will last as it sits?
This car has some life for sure, but the rust will get the best of it if someone doesnt start putting in the work, so in my opinon maybe 2 years.

-I move 5-10-2014, If this car is not sold I will either drive it to FL or take it to a junker here, still not sure as of yet.

-Please use logic when thinking about purchasing this car, if youre young and can barely pay your bills this car is not for you. If you are a VR4 enthusisiast with money to waste, this car is perfect for you. I priced this vehicle so if you were to purchase it you could part the major parts and get your money back if it got to intense for you, so please no low balling, its still a running VR4.

Thank you for looking and I really appreciate your interest.


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04/22/14 07:40 PM
Re: FS: 1835/2000, $800

That's one hell of a price drop.

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04/22/14 09:54 PM
Re: FS: 1835/2000, $800

If only it was closer. Blah. All the good deals always seem so far away. Glws

(GVR4 have DSM stickers all over them, they are DSMs)
04/22/14 10:22 PM
Re: FS: 1835/2000, $800

If this was 2 weeks ago I would have bought this when I was in Florida.

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04/24/14 07:04 AM
Re: FS: 1835/2000, $800

Location in the title and at least one picture in this thread, please.

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04/24/14 09:45 AM
Re: FS: 1835/2000, $800

if you think it will make the drive to tahoe ill buy it and be down in 2 - 3 weeks to get it.

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04/27/14 07:49 PM
Re: FS: 1835/2000, $800, Bangor ME

Made some changes and answered some common questions, thanks for the space.

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05/16/14 02:33 PM
Re: FS: 1835/2000, $800, Bangor ME

Car is sold thanks for the space

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