11/14/12 10:55 AM
SOLD: 91 Galant VR4 (1458/2000) Gainesville area,FL $1200

price drop! I hit a tree and damaged front driver side A frame
pushed in subframe the motor mount is now touching the engine but doesn't seem to affect
Performance the suspension seems to have held up well please call or text for pictures of damage

Body & transmission have 155k
the engine has about 60k
tried to keep it stock nothing unnecessary
4ws still works
No smoke
No knock
New clutch
Lots of tread on tires but they have some dryrot

Needs fiav screwed
Tdo5h with no wiggle or damaged fins

transmission shifts smooth
front seats are in "good"condition the back seat is good also except for the headrests, the air compressor is installed but not charged, although not installed i have the
the original engine and extra intake and a bunch of other goodies all the lights work except for a fog light, the windows and sunroof work also there's very little rust. but the original paint is fading.

clean title !
and a spare key But both only unlock passenger door
Not sure because they lock driver door.

my name is matt and im happy to send more photos
call text 352-949-8518
[email protected]

trenton fl 32693 about 30 minutes from Gainesville
Congrats Mark hope you have fun parting it out ! Thanks again

thank you for reading

01/29/13 10:17 AM
Re: FS: 91 Galant VR4 (1458/2000) Gainesville area,FL $3000


(JDM Unit)
01/29/13 08:05 PM
Re: FS: 91 Galant VR4 (1458/2000) Gainesville area,FL $3000

Looks pretty clean, do you have any under body pics?

01/30/13 10:54 AM
Re: FS: 91 Galant VR4 (1458/2000) Gainesville area,FL $3000

Looks nice, do you have any interior shots? Thanks

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