(Heal and Toe)
08/23/09 10:35 PM
Galant heel-and-toe pedal DIY

- Philips screw driver - for removing the screws on the lower dash panel
- flat head screw driver - for prying the accel cable end
- 12mm socket wrench head - for removing the 2 pedal ass'y bolts
- socket wrench extension
- socket wrench
- grease - for lubricating the necessary parts

removal of the pedal requires removal of the lower dash panel for ease of access to the two bolts attaching the pedal ass'y to the firewall.
hint: it is easier to remove the accel cable from the pedal ass'y first before completely removing the two bolts. use a flathead screw driver to pry the cable end off the pedal arm, but be careful not to damage the cable end.

this is how far the stock accel pedal is from the brake pedal:

STEP 1: reshape the pedal arm as such (stock pedal on the left, re-shaped on the right). you can use a bench vice (aka gato) to reshape/remove the bend. it won't require heating up the arm and hammering. you need not worry about the pedal pad getting 'twisted' off its perpendicular orientation with respect to the floor/matting/carpet <we'll go to that later below>:

STEP 2: make a collar to extend the pedal arm with the following specs:
outer diameter: 12mm
inner diameter: 9mm
length: 30mm
thread 2xM4 threads approx 5mm from each edge of the collar --> these will be used to install set screws to prevent the pedal pad from rotating and sliding backwards. look closely at the lower part of the collar for the two M4 holes in the pic below

STEP 3: cut the pedal arm about halfway, as in the following pic:

you'll notice that with the collar attached, the pedal pad will move forward (i.e., closer to you) approx 20mm.
at this point, do not tighten the set screws yet, as you have to check it's alignment after installing the pedal ass'y to the car.

This the finished pedal...

...mounted on the car:

Installation is the reverse of removal.
While you're at it, clean the pedal ass'y, especially the pivot point. The pedal arm is attached to the mounting bracket and locked in place by a split pin. Remove this split pin to remove the pedal arm, white plastic bushing and return spring. After cleaning, apply a thin amount of grease on the pivot points.
Apply grease on the accel cable end plastic ball and socket also prior to installation to the pedal ass'y.


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