07/15/09 10:02 AM
I am a turbo noob

so this car came into the junkyard i work at the other day, it was a white 2gen with AMS stickers all over it the motor was shot and it looked like the egine had caught on fire. anyway i saw this turbo still in the car and i took it out i think its a 16g but i realy don't in a turbo noob anyway here are some pics please help me out guys i would be so happy if i got a 16g.

07/15/09 10:11 AM
Re: I am a turbo noob


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07/15/09 10:12 AM
Re: I am a turbo noob

Looks like a 14B to me. Definitely not a 16G. 16Gs have staggered compressor wheel fins on the inlet.

(Obviously the answer is......)
07/15/09 10:14 AM
Re: I am a turbo noob

Look at the number printed on the compressor side. If is an authentic mitsu 16g turbo it will match up to be one of these numbers.

49178-01520 - Small 16G
49178-01420 - Big 16G
49178-01470 - EVO III 16G

EDIT: I didn't even look at the picture. That is not a 16g.

07/15/09 10:37 AM
Re: I am a turbo noob

o well anyone got a 16g they want to sell.

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