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11/19/08 01:43 PM
Color Coded ECU Pinout

I thought you guys might like this:

I found a color coded pinout for a 1993 Eclipse. While going through my harness I noticed some differences, so I adapted one for the Galant.

This assumes the information for the 1g pinout on VFAQ is correct for the Galant.

The wires marked with a red 'X' were not present on my harness.

Original, 1993 Eclipse Turbo AWD

Modified, 1991 Galant VR-4


11/19/08 08:40 PM
Re: Color Coded ECU Pinout

The two wires marked out with the X are for cars with California emissions. In 1994 (or 93 according to the original diagram) they were added to cars with federal emissions.

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11/19/08 10:26 PM
Re: Color Coded ECU Pinout

My 91 GSX has the wires in the harness, they just don't connect to anything in the engine bay. I'm under the impression that was the rule rather than the exception with DSM's.

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11/20/08 02:08 PM
Re: Color Coded ECU Pinout

This is accurate to what my harness looks like. I left them on there just in case someone's car does have them, however I'm not sure if the colors are correct.

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11/20/08 03:24 PM
Re: Color Coded ECU Pinout

FYI, there was also a guy on a while back that was selling stickers with basically the same color coded output on them. They were cut to fit on the ECU case so you can avoid misplacing them.

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11/20/08 04:26 PM
Re: Color Coded ECU Pinout

Evotistical is his screenname and it was a very nice product. If more pinouts are needed, you can find alot of what I've archived here but it includes alot of EVO stuff too.

Edit: Fixed link.

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