ken inn
(BJ Titsengolf lifer)
04/04/02 05:28 PM
cyclone plug wires

well, i finally gave in. my wires are all burned up, so i sent in a diagram to kingsborne, and they are going to make me a set for 25 bucks. if any of you want one, call them at 800 643 0375, and ask for the 11-571 cyclone wire set. i got lazy, and never rechecked my timing. it was way off, like 15 deg btdc, and must have had bad detonation. the knock led was just starting to flicker, but would go out when the water sprayed. the electrodes on the plugs kinda grounded themselves out, and musta shorted out the wires.

04/04/02 07:05 PM
Re: cyclone plug wires

do you still need the set off my jdm motor?

ken inn
(BJ Titsengolf lifer)
04/04/02 08:05 PM
Re: cyclone plug wires

wait a couple of days. i'm gonna call them tomorrow, and see how long. i am using parts of 2 usa sets now, and it works but they are all over the place.

04/05/02 01:33 AM
Re: cyclone plug wires

hey ken

i'll hold my plug wires as well. if you need them let me know. i was gonna ship them a few days ago and then realized my budget is so tight that shipping those wires might break me. sad huh? on the other hand the jdm engine new 16g atc 2600 rre lightened fly wheel and removed balance shafts sure will be nice. you gotta do it right when the engine is out of the car right? well that's what i keep telling myself.

by the way anybody know of any sweet graphic design jobs in san francisco? i'm good i swear.

cash deep - ian

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