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03/05/06 08:03 PM
Service manuals

Click here and buy.

Minjin edit: Fixed link

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12/26/07 09:39 AM
Re: Service manuals

Why pay $35 if it is questionable that you already have the original set, if you can just click a few buttons and get what you need here: Every Mitsu factory backup manual you could hope for .... and counting.
More stuff like "all versions" of CAPS clickable on the site here too:

(Too Clean)
02/02/12 10:26 AM
Re: Service manuals

Quoting Alpha Male:

While searching around for the astron family engine tech info to prepare for my cross country voyage, i came across this site that has all the engine family manuals in pdf.

I don't know if it's ever been posted here before but could prove valuable to someone. definitely was to me.


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07/14/13 06:14 PM
Re: Service manuals

Or try the 'Library':

I've found that the manuals on lilevo differ and are misleading/incorrect (specifically electrical manuals) when I was trying to determine the tb connectors/wire colors.

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