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01/20/05 11:23 AM
Choosing Fastener Material

Tensile Strengths

Alloy Steels cad, chromium, nickel plating---up to 300ksi
Carbon Steel--- 55ksi and up
Stainless steel 300 series----70-140ksi
Stainless steel 400 series--- up to 180ksi
Inconel 718--- up to 220 ksi
Inconel X-790--- up to 180ksi
Titanium--- up to 160 ksi

I excluded materials that would be esoteric for automotive use.

Useful Operating temperature Range of above materials. ((Degrees Fahrenheit))

Alloy Steels cad, chromium, nickel plating---- (-65 to 250 f )
Carbon Steel (55 and up)
Stainless steel 300 series furnace oxidized surface treatment- (-423 to 800)
Stainless Steel 400 series Passivated (-250-1200)
Inconel 718 (-423 to 900)
Inconel X-790 (-320-1200)
Titanium (-350-500)

Removable surface treatment temperature limit (275f) (Locktite for Ex..)

This information is from NASA, I'm reading a guide to choosing fasteners and I thought this would be good info for the list.


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