09/06/16 04:34 PM
Unmodify the front knuckle.

So I guess I should post a bit as my first contribution to the how-to archive.

If you have modified 1g/VR4 front knuckle's hole to 14mm to accommodate EVO strut, but you want to switch to 12mm hole struts, here is a very easy and simple way to do that without swapping out the knuckles.

Click here

This particular piece it's a small piece of plain sleeve bearing that can slide into the enlarged knuckle hole. If your modified hole is properly sized it will slide in tight and your 12mm bolt will stay there as it should.

(Turn Right Racing)
10/02/16 01:13 PM
Re: Unmodify the front knuckle.

Good find. Motion Industries is a good place to find things like bearings, lubricants, anti seize compounds, etc.

I had one near work a few years back and used them for stuff occasionally.

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