02/19/16 05:34 AM
Center Console Removal

If this topic has already been covered, which I'm sure it has at some point, I apologize. I did some searches on console removal and the only thing that I could find was a how to text thread. As this was helpful, I thought maybe pictures would make it easier to understand. I have never removed a Galant console so this may not be the proper way to do it, but it worked for me. Hope this can help someone!

The easiest way to access everything is by sliding the seats all the way back. You will need to start by removing the two screws and the plastic push rivet on the side of the console (all of the bolt removals will be mirrored on the other side).

Slide the plastic cover forward and set aside. Behind the cover you will need to remove three bolts, two closer to the firewall

and one near the floor.

I suggest being very careful as these screws are easy to strip. One was already stripped and I tried cutting it to fit a flat head, this didn't work. Vice grips were my only option.

You then want to remove the radio bezel, this is pretty simple, it should just pull right off.

Remove the four screws holding in the radio cage. Slide the whole assembly out and disconnect the radio.

Take off the shift knob and boot.

Once you have done this you can then reach underneath the power mirror switch, pop it out, and disconnect it.

Now you will need to move your seats forward to access the last two screws. They are on the back of the console close to the floor.

On to the seat belts...first take the liner basket out of the center console. Remove the bolts holding the seat belt guides in place.

Be very careful, there is a thread washer on the back (orange) and a lock washer on top (green) of the bolt.

Lastly, you will need to take off the side plate next to the E-brake.

It's fairly simple but just in case...there is a lock tab on the back side that you will have to pry up on, gently.

The front half just pulls straight up from a guide hook.

Now you are ready to remove the console. To do so, you will need to lift up on the back of the assembly while pulling it backwards. While you are doing this you will also have to feed the seat belts through the guide holes and make sure that you give yourself enough slack. Otherwise you will just be fighting them. Obviously a second set of hands will make this much easier, but this seemed to work fine for me.

And that's that.

If this seemed very dumbed down, that was not my intention, just trying to make it as thorough as possible. Also, if I left anything out please let me know.


(Turn Right Racing)
02/19/16 12:42 PM
Re: Center Console Removal

Those small screws are typically very tight if never removed before. Good note.

Great first post BTW!

09/24/17 10:59 PM
Re: Center Console Removal

I was just informed that the pictures I had previously uploaded were through photo bucket and no longer available, I found all of them and re-uploaded. My apologies for the issues.

Thank you by the way.

(it's peace of mind at 100 mph plus)
12/01/17 08:44 AM
Re: Center Console Removal

Excellent post

Thank you for taking the time to re-upload the pictures!

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