(Victory Runner)
07/18/12 08:53 AM
Ignition switch lock illumination

Hi All,

Have put a illumination timer on the lock cylinder on my galant. I first took the components off and evo2 and used it on the Lancer I've been building. Then when I was home I added it to my Galant. I just recieved a PM a few days ago wondering how it was done so here it is:

You will need the key surround (any will do off a Toyota, nissan or mitsubishi) Mine was from a Pajero. There is no type of the generation of the galant that had the illumination ring fitted. I had to do some trimming to get it to fit the barrel snugly.

You will also need this:

The wiring is a simple circuit. I have cobbled together this diagram, It shows the colours oin the pajero near the unit and the galant colours near the harness. It is up to you how you connect it in, but the basics are here:

Connector numbers are per the general export manual.



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