02/07/12 05:19 AM
Galant VR4 Battery Relocation

I figured I'd give it a shot by posting in here.
Delete it if you'd like, correct me if something is wrong, just wanted to contribute.

This should be exactly the same as a 1g, if it is not please let me know the difference, as there is no REAL write up on how to do a battery relocation, I figured I'd help some guys out!

There is my diagram I made.

I don't mention Circuit breakers in this write up because I am not using them YET. You should use circuit breakers to protect the battery though, it's a VERY good idea.

You must buy as much wire as your car/tuck/needs so I will not give you any steady numbers, but it's a lot of wiring and a lot of money. It is NOT, repeat NOT cheap to do this, so if you're doing it for the cool factor, exit this page now or just go ahead and hack it together and start your harness on fire.


This is the proper way to relocate your battery to avoid all of the following;
• Charging issues
• Death
• Being teched out of the track

This is the ONLY proper way to have a battery in your trunk, you MUST have a killswitch to remain NHRA legal.

Things to buy!

•ATLEAST 25 feet of 4AWG welding wire
•Assorted lugs

•175A and 150 MIDI fuses
•Stinger Distribution block
•16(?) feet of 2AWG?

I suggest going to VTE Warehouse

•ANB740N7N14 ANL Fuse Holder, Black 5.86$
•ANF340150 ANL Fuse 150amp 3.17$
•405N2V14 405 Series Terminal Insulator 2.93$
•3517 Battery Terminal 1.51$

Minimum order here is 25$ I believe, money well worth it though.

Tools Recommended:
• Wire cutters
• Razor
• Lug Crimper (seen here)

• Electrical tape
• Drill

Proper Safety Precautions:

You're playing with razors to strip wire, and wire can also be sharp, razors are very sharp, so is most of everything else on your car, so be careful. Please do this with the battery out of the car...!

Here is a video I made for you guys.
It's a facebook link but will work even if you have no account.


•Mount power distribution block somewhere, as well as the ANL holder.

I chose to mount mine here, you may think it looks tacky so put it somewhere else then.

•Mount killswitch somewhere, it has to be on the rearmost of the car, a tailight or bumper works great. They also make slim push on/off switches, you may want to look into those as well.

Now you have all your things mounted, great!

•Pull loom off of interior wiring harness.

•Disconnect alternator wiring from alternator and fuse box


(This is what it looks like on the Main fusible links, 10 MM socket will take her right off.)
•Measure the amount of wire from the alternator to the singular ANL fuse holder you have, strip it with a razor blade, crimp a good lug onto it and run it to that with a terminal protector.

•Run a wire from the other post of the ANL holder to one post of the killswitch.

•Measure and run a wire from the 4 Main fusible links and run it to the 4 port dist block somewhere. I put all mine inside the cabin because I want my engine super clean.

•Run a main wire of 2AWG from the distribution block to the OTHER side of the kill switch (not the same one with the alternator)

•Run a starter wire to your power distribution block to give your starter power

•Run a positive terminal from the battery to the SAME SIDE AS THE ALTERNATOR WIRE ON THE KILLSWITCH POST.

•Run a ground wire to a strut tower bolt! Make sure you sand down some metal so it gets a good connection.

•It's pretty much this simple, I'm happy I shared this with you guys so you can understand how easy it is to do this.


• Be gentle stripping the wire with the razor blade
• Don't buy ebay wire, it sucks, you cant be cheap doing this stuff.
• I will be happy if you pm me with any questions about this.
• Don't buy a cheap killswitch with an easily removable handle, it is not legal and you will get teched out for it.



02/07/12 10:58 PM
Re: Galant VR4 Battery Relocation

I've realized I forgot the starter wiring and will add that back into the original post right now among a few other things.

(Excuse the retarded question.)
02/08/12 01:15 PM
Re: Galant VR4 Battery Relocation

I did my setup similar to this except I used a breaker on the alternator (250amp) and used 0 gauge crimps and distribution box to supply power to everything. I bought my kits off ebay but they are Stinger and good quality.

02/09/12 12:50 AM
Re: Galant VR4 Battery Relocation

There is no such thing as overkill, however from all the information I've gathered 4GA is enough for the wiring, I can't speak for Ebay wire, but welding wire has a way higher melting point on the insulation, a lot higher, than standard wire.

I know I don't have any breakers shown in this writeup, as I will add those later and take pictures when I get them installed. I did a LOT of work on this, and a lot of research.

My dad is an electrician for a huge company and he is where I sought the most guidance. If you are having problems with wiring getting too hot, or voltage drop, you can always double up the wiring, of course every car is different and in my old car I had the most hacked battery relocation and it still charged the battery fine and everything was okay. So every car is different, however I was assured by multiple people that the wire size I was using and everything else will be just fine.

1/0 is HUGE.
Like, really really huge.

I enjoy this discussion though because I'd really like to know if I did anything wrong, as I don't want to show someone the wrong thing.

Ps, anything Stinger is good quality, same with VTE.

I didn't want the big ghetto ANL fuse holders that show off that it's a fuse, I think those honestly just look ridiculous. Function will look better than anything, in the end.

(Excuse the retarded question.)
02/09/12 05:05 PM
Re: Galant VR4 Battery Relocation

Yeah....I didn't use any of those holders lol. They are probably going to be used on the amplifiers.

I got a great deal on that 0 gauge kit so I said why not. I will take pictures of where everything is mounted for me. I tucked them away very neatly.

02/09/12 06:38 PM
Re: Galant VR4 Battery Relocation

Nice! Post them in here so I can post alternative ways to mount/wire things in the original post.

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04/18/12 02:10 PM
Re: Galant VR4 Battery Relocation

Nice job

If you have plan to have audio system. Then try to have power cables away from the audio unit & wires. Otherwise you may have noise at speakers As I have.

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04/19/12 01:50 AM
Re: Galant VR4 Battery Relocation

when I did mine I took a couple of pics,
the bracket that the battery post bolts too can/should be removed easyly.


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