04/30/11 04:29 PM

ive been in the dsm game for many years....mostly with eclipse, talons, and lasers ive had all 3....ive had 1 vr4 before which ill post some pics of and now my 2nd one that i got lucky to find.....
92 Black VR4(not original paint)
RC 1000cc inj
walbro 255
DSM link V3
2g MAS
2.5 cat back exhaust
Starion IC
battery relocated
KYB adjustables on Eiback pro
i found the car out in katy, tx. ive seen it cruising around numerous times with a younger guy and his mom. sometimes an older guy. one day i saw the car in the parking lot of a mcd's when i was in the drive thru. i asked the drive thru girl if she knew whos car that was? sure nuff she knew who drove it. i talked to the guy and asked him if he wanted to sale it. he said yes and wanted 1500 bucks. i immediatly did what it took to get this car. it was my 2nd chance at having another one and i wasnt goin to miss it. it had no ac(bad expansion valve), balance shaft timing was off at oil pump since last person did timing belt, and turbo was dead from sucking in part of the stock intake. motor was rebuilt apparently bout 10000 miles ago....mileage on the chasis is 220000 when i bought it....but other than that car was intact, 4ws has been rebuilt before me, tranny shifted fine. i brought it home and began the maintenance....thanks to many members on this board that help me get the extremely hard parts i needed....now funny enough i have 2 of everything....all fluids were changed...it had a blown 16g on it when i checked and i threw a big 16g on...now the car runs like a dream...i recently gave it a small booboo on the front but the entire car is in need of a paint job BAD!.....but for now it will do. cold AC, 4 door and 11 psi...as soon as i get a new clutch boost will go up to 20 and ill go get a timeslip.

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