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08/25/10 03:07 AM
fuel's 1991 JDM Galant VR-4 Evolution '91 ZERO'

Name: Phillip Weston
Location: New Zealand
Car: 1991 E39A Mitsubishi Galant VR-4 Evolution
Fastest 1/4mi: 13.682sec
Drag video: click

More or less stock standard (and tidy) condition.

JDM Evolution means it has from factory:
- TD05H Big 16G turbo
- larger intercooler and piping
- 510cc yellow top injectors
- 'ECI-MULTI' inlet manifold badging (despite still having the Cyclone dual runner system)
- 3.909 rear diff ratio with 4-bolt rear axles, viscous LSD and W5M33-2-WQNK close ratio 5 speed box
- vented hood/bonnet, extra vents in the front bumper

- 20G compressor wheel and housing, turbine wheel cut 7deg
- Evo III ported exhaust manifold and high-flow O2 housing
- 2G DSM throttle body elbow ported to match tb
- boost controller
- cat delete
- leather interior from a Super VR-4
- pillar mounted boost gauge
- Pioneer audio including 6.5" component splits front and rear, 6ch amp and 12" sub
- fire extinguisher

Future plans (in keeping with the OEM+ theme):
- Evo7/8 ECU, AFM and 560cc injectors wired into factory harness using adapters
- rebuild engine (again) with 9:1 CR pistons 0.50 oversized
- 264/272deg cams or modified Evo 8 cams
- Evo 8/9/10 MR Bilstein suspension
- 2.5" mandrel bent downpipe and exhaust

How I got it from my good buddy Kris early 2009

Who had the engine rebuilt

And brand new genuine Mitsubishi muffler fitted

In my possession being taken around Taupo race track

I refurbished the OEM rims and fitted new tyres

Turbo rebuild with 20G

Most recent pics

("Just to be pedantic!")
10/29/13 05:04 PM
Re: fuel's 1991 JDM Galant VR-4 Evolution '91 ZERO'

Edited post with recent pics, turbo build, 1/4 time and drag video

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