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12/12/07 10:37 AM
Members' Showcase Rules - Please Read

1. No Newbies. Member is not in your title. If the post is really good, we will "park" it until you become a member.

2. No stock/unmodified cars, unless it is so immaculate that it looks newer than new. We're showing off your restoratoration, preservation and modification skills. We're not interested in what you wish you could do in the future.

3. No cellphone pics. If it is worth posting, it should be worth more than 640 pixels.

4. Make a reasonable effort to take good photos. Wash your car. Hide your junk. Drive somewhere scenic. If you don't, we may want to do some Photoshop cleanup, but we'll ask first. We want you to look good, so work with us on this.

5. No external hosting unless it is private or superfast. We would appreciate it if your pictures don't disappear after you get bored and sell your car, so it would be best to just host it here. This happens more often than you think and it is a tragedy to lose these pics. If you must use other hosting, please no giant pics in the page. They should be scaled down (we use 400px wide) and link to a high-res version. Some people do still have dialup.

6. Post the details of what you've done to the car. List all your modifications and support with pictures where applicable. If you make changes in the future, you can edit your post at any time, no need to reply. However, if you reply with one sentence indicating that you've updated your post, it will be moved to the top.

7. The vehicle must be a 4G63-powered Galant. If you have another vehicle you may include it as an aside to your post, but remember that the Galant is the primary focus.

8. Not for discussions. Invariably after a post is approved a half dozen Newbies will reply with compliments, questions or a few hundred random smilies. Please refrain from leg humping. If you have a specific question for the owner, send them a PM, otherwise, try posting your question in a new thread in the appropriate forum.

9. Posts are voted on by the administrators and moderators of the section.

10. If your post is not approved, it may be moved to General Discussion or Newbies depending on your status.

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