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07/17/07 05:52 PM
Roger Scott's Belize Green 1334 (Gertrude)

My baby...oh Gertrude, you are a cunt.

Stock 120k Bottom End
Rebuilt Head with Evo Valves / Springs / Retainers
Keydiver Stage 3 Chip (the usual with cyclone control)
FIC 650cc Injectors
Evo X Fuel Pump
Buscher Bolt-on AFPR
Cyclone Intake Manifold
Deleted Emissions
N/T Throttle Body
FIAV Bipassed
3g MAF
Ebay Slim-Fan

Action Clutch Stage 1 PP
Action Clutch Kevlar Disc
ACT Streetlight FW
JacksTrans 2.1 Transmission w/ E3-5th
SS RRE Clutch Line
4-bolt LSD Rear Differential
KVR Brake Pads
SS RRE Brake Lines
225/50/16 BFG g-force Sport Comp 2 on 16x7 Wheels
205/60/15 Bridgestone Blizzak WS50s on Stock Wheels

Rebuilt 14b
2G O2 Housing
2G Exhaust Manifold
2.5" Mandrel Aluminized Cat-Back
300 in^3 L2A Intercooler
1G BOV w/ dejon leak-stop kit
Bosch Intercooler Pump
24*7*2" Front heat exchanger
Custom short-route piping
spare: s16g w/ HRC super compressor housing (welded outlet) and E3 hotside (needs work)

WL Front Strut Tower Bar
WL Front and Rear Camber bolts/bushings
WL Front Control Arm Bushings (w/ increased caster)
4WS Eliminated
RM Rear Anti-Sway Bar (15/16" ~ 24mm)
WL Front Anti-Sway Bar (22mm)
BC Racing BR Coilers (448/336)

Modified 1G JMF PC-925 Battery Kit
A/C Deleted
ABS Deleted (1G Non-ABS lines and 91 Galant GS prop valve)

K&N Drop-in Filter Info
2G DSM: 33-2072: 290CFM @ 1.5" water -> 6.4" water (0.23 psi) @ 600CFM
3000GT: 33-2045: 353CFM @ 1.5" water -> 4.3" water (0.16 psi)@ 600CFM
Montero 3.8L: 33-2164: 631CFM @ 1.5" water ->1.4" water (0.05 psi) @ 600CFM

volvo s40 wheels (late 90s early 00s)
rear brake upgrade options:
'13+ outlander sport rear rotors: 302mm (11.88in), integrated ebrake, 10mm (0.394in) thickness, 36.22mm (1.425) height
'91 galant vr4 stock rear rotors: 265mm (10.43in), integrated ebrake, 10mm (0.394in) thickness, 49mm (1.94in) height
No OEM bracket would appear to be available to mate the gvr4 caliper to this diameter.
Aftermarket bracket would need to accomodate 18.5mm radial outward shift and 13mm outboard shift.

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