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06/15/12 08:53 AM
Justin's #108/2000 Build Thread

I haven't had a lot of publicity about my car on here, but I finally got some quality pictures and video done, so I figured I would show it off.

Mod List:


1992 Grill and Tails
OEM Mitsubishi/Thule Roof Rack
Custom Front Bumper Supports for Round HID Fogs
Bronze Evo8 Wheels
K-Sport Kontrol Pro Coilovers
ST Rear Swaybar
Rolled/Pulled fenders
JDM Headlights with HID's


JNZ/Self Built Wiseco 9:1 Piston/R&R Aluminum Rod 2.0L
N/T Block, BS Elimination
Crower Head, Ti Springs/Retainers
Crower Stg 3 Camshafts
HKS Adjustable Cam Gears
JMFabrications Race Intake Manifold
Mitsubishi MLS Headgasket w/ARP Studs

JNZ/Self Built Race Transmission (NEW SETUP)
DSM First Gear, 89/90 Gearset
Liberty Faceplated 1st-4th Dogbox
Evo3 Steel Shift Forks
4-Spider Center Differential
Exedy Hyper Twin-Disc Clutch
4-Bolt LSD Rear Differential
5-Lug Conversion


Custom JMFabrications T3 Topmount Manifold
PTE Billet 5857BB Turbo (AMS 750R)
JMFabrications Downpipe
Turbosmart Comp40 Wastegate
HKS EVC Boost Controller
Custom 3" Exhaust w/ Invidia Muffler
Custom Intercooler Pipes
Custom Apex'i Skyline Core Intercooler
1000cc Water/Meth Injection Setup
PTE 1050cc Injectors
Walbro 255HP Pump
AEM Pressure Regulator


DSMLink V3 on SD and controlling Meth
AEM Boost/Wideband Gauges
Blitz Turbo Timer
Clarion ProAudio Deck
Phoenix Gold Component Door Speakers
JL Audio Component Deck Speakers
Custom Sub Box w/ Boston G1 10" Sub
Sony Xplod 5-Channel Amp
Optima Yellowtop in Custom Relocation Mount
Saturn Alternator

Here's a link to a quick video a buddy made for me. click Traction issues (best 1.80 60') and a bit of knock up top held the car back a bit.

After those track passes, I got some tuning time. Rolled on around 460whp at 27-28psi. Ended up with 508whp, 394tq at 31psi. I'm hoping to turn the boost up more, mess with the cam gears, and maybe swap from M1 to M5 methanol to get closer to 560-570whp. If that doesn't work, it's probably destined to get a 6262 turbo. Hope you all enjoy!

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11/29/12 08:22 AM
Re: Justin's #108/2000 Build Thread

I found some old assembly pictures I might as well put up. Sorry in advance, a lot were taken by phone on the fly.

First fitment of BBS Evo wheels and RE070 tires.

Some engine assembly pics

Megan 2G downpipe and piping from a 2G cat-back exhaust

This is the first setup with the 2.3L and bolt-on SCM61.

Oil pressure gauge and Meth tank where the ABS was.

Sweet Exedy Hyper Twin. I have since bought a spare, but I love this clutch.

I made a short throttle cable from part of the shortest cruise control cable. And a custom mount to my TB because the SMIM was originally setup for an LS1/Northstar throttle body.

This was mock-up of the round foglights. I liked them better, and I sold of the mint stock ones for go-fast parts.

This was the building at JMFabrications for the one-off topmount T3 manifold. (Old Bullseye S262 BW)

The pic that got me into the 2011 Calendar

And one other that I really liked from that set.

Pulling the fenders to test fit up to an 18x9 30mm offset wheel

I think that's it that I have pics of. I never took pictures of the front bumper support brackets I made for the fogs and intercooler. Maybe next time the front bumper is off. The newest stuff is at the top of the page. These old pics have been over the last 4-5 years of owning the car. Hope you enjoy!

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03/10/13 10:04 AM
Re: Justin's #108/2000 Build Thread

Got some work done on the rear end yesterday. I finished a hitch after being inspired by James' thread and built a lightweight rear bumper support to get rid of the rusty/heavy stock one.

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07/25/13 08:10 PM
Re: Justin's #108/2000 Build Thread

I have had this battery relocation built since I first put the car together, but I guess never took pics of it. It uses a 51 Series Honda sized battery. I am currently using an Optima Yellowtop. Starts all year, and with the Saturn alternator, it has never given me a problem. Plus it's hidden like a factory battery would, and since it's a sealed battery, doesn't NEED a vent to the outside. SHH! I don't have a cut-off, but have never had a problem in tech at the track. So keep it down!!

And a shot of the Sub box just for fun.

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