05/23/11 08:44 PM
FS: complete 1g head, 90 AWD 5spd trans, SW gvr4 turnk w/ wing...CENTRAL NJ

All prices are pick-up only except for the head, buyer can pay to ship if they please. I accept PayPal as a "gift" or cash ONLY.
I can snap some iPhone pic's and txt message them to whoever is interested or i can attempt to upload them on here . Sucks I dont have a camera.

Complete clean running STOCK 1g head that I just pulled off #110 on Friday and replaced with a built up head ive had laying around. Motor's is in great condition, originally purchased a swap from JDM land so milage is relatively low but i have no proof of this. Includes everything besides valve cover, t-stat housing, and cam gears. No stripped bolt holes. no cracks, ready to run.
Only issues are 3-4 exhaust mani studs pulled from head and need to me drilled and tapped. Thats is. $100

Stock summit white trunk lid w/ wing. paint is in "ok" condition. Has a bunch of little dings as if somebody was stabbing it with a screw driver? My buddy who does body work said it can be fixed but i have since purchased a crappy fitting "wingless" fiberglass trunk. $60

1990 AWD 5spd transmission. Has a notchy/crunchy 3rd gear at higher rpm. Otherwise it shifted good. no cracks in the case, leaks, ect. Will include correct brackets to run trans in 91-94 gvr4/dsm's... I was told by PO that it was rebuilt 50k miles ago but i have no proof of this. I was going to rebuild it but found a freshly built shep stage 2. $175

Thanks for looking guys!
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