mooserageGalant Administrator
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03/27/21 01:33 PM
FS: Spring Cleaning (Various Parts) [Updated 5/1/21]

Cleaning out my garage, will add parts as I can...

Have a lot of parts, prices include paypal fees, but not shipping. Open to reasonable offers and package deals.

Good Guy Thread for Reference: Click

Part 3:
NGK BPR6EIX Iridium Spark Plugs - $10 Click1
CM (Certified Muffler) 3" Cat Delete Pipe (Test Pipe) - $80 (Info: Click) Click1
NOS Grey OEM Wingless 3rd Brake Light - $40 Click1 Click2
NOS OEM Keyless Fuel Lid - $30 (Factory primed, some scratches in primer)Click1 Click2 Click3
Flex-a-lite (FAL) 12" Fan - $20 (Cut-out for BOV clearance) Click1
OMP Universal Co-Driver Aluminum Footrest - $20 New, but assembled for fitting Click1
ETS Intake w/ -10AN BOV Return, K&N Filter, Elbow for 16G Turbo - $110 Click1
New OEM Heater Hose Kit MB527995 - $45 Click1

New AMG Replica Grill - $50 Ebay Ad Info (Still in the packaging, went a different route) Click

Part 1:
New Allstar 3" Brake Duct Hose (300*) - $25 Click (I used a little, it didn't work out, there is at least 8' still there, likely more)
New Summit Racing 6AN SS PTFE Hose (15') and hose ends(2x straight, 2x 45*, 2x 90*) - $100 click 1 Click 2
AEM EMS V1, Serial Gauge, IAT, MAP Sensor, Brantz rally trip meter, Harnesses (Not pictured, but included: Serial Cable) - $500 Click (Ran the car with this for nearly 10 years, decided to go to ECMlink)
RC 550s - $70 Click (Worked great for years, probably need a cleaning)
Galant Non-ABS Brake Lines and Proportioning Valve - $40 Click 1 Click 2 Click 3 Click 4 (Bought used, never used myself. Shipping will be expensive, some lines may need slight massaging to get into perfect shape)
New Prothane Poly Motor Mount kit - $65 Click
AVC-R - $165 Click

Free Pile! (Free, but you pay shipping)
Almost New Autometer 52mm (2") Gauge Pod Click1
OEM Brake Reservoir w/ sensor Click1
OEM Rear Bumper Marker Lenses Click1
OEM BOV Return Hose Click1
OEM Dipstick & Tube Click1
OEM Fan Blade & Motor (Working when pulled) Click1
OEM Water Pipe & Water Cooled Oil Filter Housing Click1 Click2
Battery Cutoff w/ Removeable Key Click1
100AMP and 150AMP Circuit Breakers Click1
BNIB Russell 626010 120* -8AN Twist-Lok Hose End Click1
Energy Suspension tie-rod boot Click
Galant VR-4 ABS proportioning Valve (pulled working about a year ago) Click
USDM Summit White fuel door Click 1 Click 2
Galant ABS computer core Click 1 (trunk mounted unit, disabled for the 15 years I owned the car, consider it a core)
Galant ABS Hydraulic Unit core (disabled for the 15 years I owned the car, consider it a core)
Cut up stock intercooler tubing, believe this was used to adapt a JDM Galant intercooler click
*GONE* OEM Summit White Fuel Door and Lock Click1
*GONE*JDM hood vent rain guards Click 1 Click 2
*GONE* Blue Aeroquip FCV0606 6AN 6' Socketless Hose Click
*GONE* Galant throttle body and oil pan gaskets Click
*GONE*Partial Energy Suspension control arm bushings (large bushings only) Click

*SOLD* New Aeroquip 6AN PTFE SS fuel hose (20', Aeroquip FCC0620) w/ used and new steel fittings - $80 Click
*SOLD* STM ARP Stainless Exhaust Manifold Stud Set - $80 Click
*SOLD* New English Racing 2G/Evo 1-3 Phenolic Intake Manifold Gasket and Hardware NLA - $50 Click
*SOLD* Trick flow 6AN Fuel Filter w/ new 40Micron filter - $25 Click
*SOLD* AEM Tru-time Cam gears - $100 Click 1 Click 2 Click 3 Click 4 Click 5 (see photos for light damage on teeth)
*SOLD* New Ingalls FastCam Front Camber Bolts (Pair) - $30 Click
*SOLD*JDM Grey Keyless fuel door - $40 Click 1 Click 2
*SOLD*Evo III Intake Manifold Powder coated Silver - $170 (bought used, never used myself, you'll need to add your own hardware to to mount the throttle body) Click0 Click1 Click2

03/27/21 07:49 PM
Re: FS: Spring Cleaning Various Parts

whats the durometer of the motor mounts?

(mass moment of inertia )
03/28/21 05:28 AM
Re: FS: Spring Cleaning Various Parts

Interested in the fuel door. Is it kensington grey or some other grey?

(Junior Member)
03/28/21 07:30 AM
Re: FS: Spring Cleaning Various Parts

I'll take the oil pan and tb gaskets please. Shoot me a text -> 646-244-9982. Thanks

mooserageGalant Administrator
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03/29/21 12:56 PM
Re: FS: Spring Cleaning Various Parts

*Marked items that are pending* In general, it's easier for me to track things over PM, but will eventually text those that requested it, but may be slower. Thanks.

yubh8tn: Not sure what durometer the Prothanes are, they are definitely stiffer. There are some reviews over on tuners, as well as some different how-tos on installing them.

467: Fuel door is pending at the moment, not sure what the grey is, you'd have to check the grey color codes for JDM cars to confirm if they had a slightly different color (like sofia vs summit white) or not.

kdott96: Clarifying if someone else wanted the TB gaskets or not and will follow up if they don't. Confirmed these are sold.

mooserageGalant Administrator
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04/09/21 01:19 PM
Re: FS: Spring Cleaning Various Parts

Bump, some prices adjusted, will try to add more parts this weekend.

mooserageGalant Administrator
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05/01/21 06:29 PM
Re: FS: Spring Cleaning Various Parts

More parts added, most prices dropped, going to turn into "summer" cleaning at the rate I'm going...

(What do you mean title?)
05/04/21 12:59 AM
Re: FS: Spring Cleaning Various Parts


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