(Hogna Carolinensis)
07/16/17 10:07 PM
FS: Some parts for sale

I've held on to this stuff for too long. Prices are OBO.

Album Here: <a href="

Ferrea beehive valve springs w/titanium retainers and valve compression tool: $300 + $15 Shipping

SOLD FP3 cams with adjustable cam gears: $300 + $15 Shipping

Virgin 4G64 6-bolt crank: $200 + $30 Shipping

Keyless gas door with lever, cables and latch: $40 + $15 Shipping

Single bulb clear corners: $30 + $10 Shipping

JMF battery tray for 680 style battery: $60 + 15 Shipping

Stainless steel 1G/2G exhaust manifold heatshield: $50 + $15 Shipping

#482 MAF w/2G-1G pigtail, 4" filter adapter and filter: $30 + $15 Shipping

Serial Cable for laptop: $10 + $6 Shipping

Turbosmart MBC: $25 + $6 Shipping

Email me at [email protected]

(Eager Beaver)
03/10/19 06:46 PM
Re: FS: Some parts for sale

Do you still have the 482 MAF setup?

I'm going to email in case this doesn't come through with a heads up via email.

03/12/19 09:01 AM
Re: FS: Some parts for sale

interested in the MBC, whats your Paypal?

(Hogna Carolinensis)
03/13/19 07:10 AM
Re: FS: Some parts for sale

So I should still have some of this stuff. I haven't looked at any of it since I moved back to Ohio so it will take me a minute to track everything down. I'll be back home this weekend so I should be able to reply to everyone by then. I think this is an older post and I've since started a newer one back in 2018. So that list is likely more up to date.

(Member +)
03/14/19 04:22 PM
Re: FS: Some parts for sale

Want the springs and retainers! Let me know if you still have. Tried to look at your other threads and didnít see them


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