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whos used or is using a starion FMIC? how do you like it? ive got one i but someone said i should just buy an evo FMIC so i might just do that. lmk.



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I ran high 12's on one years ago, but there are better options out today that are just as cheap, like the stock Evo intercoolers.


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i have the choice to get an evo FMIC or 560cc evo injectors. all im running is a big16g. i can do one of a couple things:

1)keep the starion intercooler and get the injectors
2)sell the starion fmic and get an evo fmic

i just cant do both b/c money.

my questions are

1)is the evo fmic that much better than the starion? not turning up the boost really
2)will i really benefit from the larger injectors if i get them?


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The Evo intercooler is far better than the Starion unit. The Starion cooler doesn't even haven internal fins in the tubes like most modern intercoolers. For the long run, better to get the Evo intercooler and save for some injectors for later on.


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you would show a benefit if you already have a way of tuning for the new injectors. along with a fuel system that can supply them. if both of those are already in your car then id go that route.

with tuning+ fuel system injectors and starion will be faster

without; then, not only will the car run poorly, but the evo intercooler would be best.

another sensible option is to mount the starion, and reek its benefits, without buying the injectors, then just wait til you can run the entire setup. at once (EVO: injectors, intercooler, mafs, fuel +tuning)


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thanks. it makes sense :)

ill just sleep on it. see how i feel about buying more stuff for the galant that i dont need lol. thanks again

i really wouldn"t wast the time on a starion ic, get the ebay evo ic from
ssautochrome and you will be set. you can get them for 100bucks or less,
plus the starion ic is very small with 2in inlets and outlets...if that.
ill post pics tomorrow of my vr4 with an evo ebay ic, it has been tested
and the stock 1g dsm side mount is better than the starion one. i know
thats compairing the talon ic but just so you know they are not as good
as you think.


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lol. wow. the side mounts better than the starion fmic? crazy wouldnt have thought. thanks for the info.



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Yeah the Starion IC is weaksauce.

her are some pics of my ebay evo fmic.





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Did you modify the inlet on that IC? Also were you able to retain the foglights?


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Quoting tkit213:
whos used or is using a starion FMIC? how do you like it? ive got one i but someone said i should just buy an evo FMIC so i might just do that. lmk.


anything is better than stock IMO but if i was you i would go with the EVO IC

yea i changed the inlets on the ic, no i dont have fog lights
so i dont know it if they can still be used.

Careful with the SSAutochrome stuff. One of the local Richmond guys blew the endtanks/welds apart several times at less than 20psi. Some people have luck with them, some don't. Once you pay a guy with a TIG welder to fix your IC a few times, it may not be such a bargain after all.

If you have doubts, Google SSAutochrome, and read the eleventy-billion references to shady advertising, lack of R&D, fitment issues, and general lack of reliability.